Scandalous events, the undercover Belgians began to suffer the World Cup

Scandalous events, the undercover Belgians began to suffer the World Cup

The Belgian national team defeated Canada 1-0 in Group F of the Qatar Football Championship. The veteran Maple Leaf missed a penalty in the first half, and before the break Michy Batshuayi put the Belgians ahead. In the second half, the US national team also played ahead, but they failed to achieve a draw. After the first round, Belgium leads the group, ahead of Croatia and Morocco.

Canada, considered one of the strongest horses in the World Cup, started with brave and creative football and in the ninth minute had a decisive opportunity after Yannick Carrasco scored a penalty kick with the help of the video camera. The ball was still in the hands of Bayern classic Alphonso Davies and Thibaut Courtois took the shot, which was going down the right.

Thibaut Courtois saved Alphonso Davies’ penaltySource: Agence France-Presse / Joel Samad

This was also followed by the Canadians’ minutes, since the Belgians, starting from Moscow, could not even find the ball at this stage of the match. The Belgians had to wait until the 23rd minute for their first serious chance, and then, after very quick action, Batshuayi’s weak shot was parried by a defender at the very last minute.

In the continuation, the brave and quick Canadians were closer to the goal, but Courtois kept the team in the game with sane defenders.

At the 38th minute, Witsel stepped on Laria’s leg in the penalty area, the referee didn’t pay anything, and they weren’t even caught in the video room, so Belgium won the better penalty.

The Canadian team could have taken more penalties in the first halfSource: AFP / Patrick T Fallon

Then the Belgians took the lead in midfield: Michy Batshuayi’s cross from Alderweireld did not miss from 12 metres. In overtime, Tielemans blocked Miller’s shot with his arm, but the lead did not give the Canadiens a penalty.

Canada played more seriously even after the turn, and at the same time there were many mistakes in the end, while they won, the Belgians are in no hurry. In the fourth game, the US team did everything possible to equalize, there were chances, but everything was wasted. Belgium started the World Cup with a win, while Canada could improve against Croatia in the next round.

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