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Scandal in the EU: The use of inclusive languages ​​has become an exclusion

The commissioner suggested that my fellows and gentlemen should be disabled rather than disabled, rather than disabled, Mary should spend winter time instead of Christmas time, rather than Christmas time, rather than Christmas time.

Free Europe reports that the European Parliament has taken up in plenary the use of inclusive language proposed by an EU commissioner, which many have interpreted to mean that Brussels wants to ban Christmas. The internal guide was withdrawn after the first assaults, but guidelines have since emerged. Prominent politicians said he was condemned by the Catholic archbishop, and the Brussels commission solved the whole problem around the neck of one of the commissioners.

For example, a 30-page document on inclusive communication, led by Maltese Commissioner Helena Daly, responsible for equal opportunities at the European Commission, suggests that Commission documents should not use a person to say they have a disability, but instead say they have a disability. Or don’t tell anyone you’re in a wheelchair, but instead

Instead, he uses a wheelchair.

A list of seemingly innocent examples can be followed. But the problem began with the fact that the brochure suggested the term winter instead of Christmas, arguing that these days are not related to the birth of Jesus for Muslims, Jews and atheists. Many have equated this with the ban on Christmas in Brussels.

He also suggested that when using first names, avoid nouns related to only one religion and write Malika and Julio instead of Mary and John. Moreover, first name is used instead of first name. Not in an event “ladies and gentlemen” address instead of “Dear Colleagues”In addition to the genders, it should be possible for one person to identify the “other”.

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Pope Francis stated that this evidence was an anachronism. make it clear “A number of ideologies have already attempted to eradicate the Christian roots of Europe”, he cited Napoleon as an example, the Nazis and the Communists, but said that it never worked. The European Union must take charge

The ideas of the founding fathers, the ideas of unity and greatness,

And beware of going down the path of ideological colonialism.” Bishop said.

Helena Daly pulled the brochure when not only the far right but the People’s Party began to protest. He justified his move as follows: “This form of guidance does not adequately serve that purpose. It is not a mature document and does not meet the committee’s quality requirements. So I will withdraw the guidelines and continue working on the document.”

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