Say goodbye to Fallout 76 battle royale way

Say goodbye to Fallout 76 battle royale way

Interest in nuclear winter has greatly decreased.

Microsoft continues the fight to keep Fallout 76 alive, Microsoft-owned Bethesda, two years after launching a battle royale game mode called Nuclear Winter, now announce Remove it from the game in the near future.

fallout 76Source: Bethesda

According to the developers, there was originally a lot of interest in the mode, but now the number of players wanting to play in parallel with the nuclear winter has decreased so much that it has become difficult to rationally collect enough participants for matches. The amount of time. In addition, it has not been updated in terms of content or mechanisms, which certainly contributed to this situation.

As a result, the battle royale mode is set to expire in September of this year, and those who have played it until then will receive compensation that can be used in adventure mode. Most players play with the latter mode, which offers classic gameplay, so the development team wants to dedicate their resources to saving this. Regardless, they want to provide more opportunities for players enjoying the match in the future.

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