Sausages crossing the Irish Sea are not checked

The United Kingdom unilaterally decided to suspend border controls on agricultural and other goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

sausage rolls.

Photo: OLIVER BERG/dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

The EU has been informed of the current amendment, according to a commission spokesperson, and it is now being analyzed and then next steps will be determined.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is one of the long-standing problems It brought with it Britain’s exit from the European Union. For the UK to continue to trade with the EU, its goods must be checked against EU standards. But while Ireland remained part of the European Union, Northern Ireland, which was located on the same island, left the European Union. Due to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement – which guarantees relative peace between the two countries – any control is prohibited on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Thus, inspection is carried out between the British Isles and Northern Ireland, in the Irish Sea, which can cause a headache for local traders.

It has been said before that this headache should be avoided if the British are unilateral, without the consent of the European Union will be modified Contracts, until control ceases at sea. With which the European Union aligns, saying that in this way, goods of poor quality, prohibited by it, will enter its territory at the Irish border without inspection.

From now on, agricultural products from Great Britain, including sausages, dairy products and other prepared foods, can be placed on store shelves in Northern Ireland unchecked. (guardian)

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