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Saturn moves forward on November 4, 2023

Saturn moves forward on November 4, 2023

In astrology, when a planet appears to be moving backwards, it is called retrograde, whereas we realize that a planet never moves backwards. It only looks that way from Earth, because the Earth also revolves around the Sun. So it’s all disappointing. But it is of great importance in astrology. Retrograde planets can indicate old situations, opportunities, and the return of people.

When a planet moves forward, there is no looking back. It’s time to look ahead and plan. This is what happens on November 4, when Saturn in Pisces moves forward.

We have been really looking forward to this since June 17, when it was in a retrograde move. Saturn is also “slow” and direct, teaching us patience and perseverance. As he retreated, our work became more difficult. This is over now. Finally, the blocking effect stops, and there can be looking forward, planning, overcoming the impasse, and getting started.


Each sign brings a positive transformation to its native land in different regions. Let’s see who’s where!

Saturn is finally moving forward, and we can also look to the future and plan (Image: Shutterstock)


You may be feeling strange since March 7, since Saturn entered Pisces. Surely you stop several times and contemplate the meaning of life, the purpose of the connections beyond the visible world. You ask questions like “What is the difference between loneliness and loneliness?”, or “How to be in flow?”. You will get answers to these questions soon. “For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who seeks finds.” Read on and more esoteric questions and topics will be clarified for you!


If you have been waiting since June 17 for someone who suits you, a friend or colleague to tell you where you should go, you can be happy now. Saturn helps you not to wait in one place longer. It’s as if you were hanging out at the bus station and the bus didn’t come. Your bus will arrive soon, and you can board it and set off towards fulfilling your dreams and desires. You will have to listen to the word of time and act at the right time. You have a great chance of doing so.

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You’ve been working a lot since March. More and more responsibility was hanging around your neck, but the confessions did not come in the amount expected. Maybe your boss changed, maybe your rating changed. You’ve endured all this, tried to adapt, but now your patience has run out. You want appreciation, respect and praise. You will receive all this soon after Saturn changes direction. Saturn, Cronos, Lord of Time says: Time works for you.


You tolerate difficult situations much better, and can wait more patiently since March, since Saturn entered Pisces. But since June 17, Saturn’s retrograde has tested your endurance. Sometimes you had the feeling that time was working against you. And sometimes the same thing requires more time than before. You’ve also wondered what your goals mean. You can forget about this as of November 4th. You will again be full of plans, ambition and enough patience…


It’s scary to spend so much since March. This doesn’t end with Saturn progressing on November 4th. But you have become more confident and disciplined. Don’t wait for the end, because Saturn will not change tickets until February 2026! Until then, you not only have to control your expenses, but you also have to create a reserve. Saturn, the planet of maturity and responsibility, will help you with this. You are up to the task. It gets better and better…


You are unusually attracted to older people and/or seek out their company. Since March, don’t consider it boring, tired or old. In fact, you’ve realized how much you can learn from them. Not because they are perfect, but because they have seen a lot, are experienced, and know the difference between worthless and worthless. Starting on November 4, it is your duty to put everything you have learned from them into practice, while you can also help the elderly with your cheerfulness and optimism.


Regarding your health, Saturn, the planet of seriousness and fear, warns you not to be afraid, but to take prevention seriously! You know very well that viruses come every winter and many people get sick. But it’s not legal to crash either. You can trust your immune system. You know you ingest thousands of viruses every day, but you don’t get sick. After your immune system works. Saturn in Pisces recommends taking vitamins and minerals in dissolved form!

the scorpion

It has been characterized by confusion of abundance since March. You have more ideas than ever before. As a scatterer of stars, you come up with the best ideas. Childlike, pure, pure optimism is necessary to achieve this. Since June 17, this process has slowed down a bit. However, on November 4, Saturn moves forward and you can shine again. It’s okay if you get involved in several cases at once. Because the sign of Pisces is a sign of abundance. Over time, it becomes clear what is a viable idea, or present…


Take care of the peace of the home and your older family members! This is what Saturn suggests. They have so far told a disturbing lot about the past. You need a lot of patience. The situation will improve a lot from November 4. In the meantime, an interesting opportunity may come your way. Knocking over an old person or old property. The first one seems to be the old lady from a fairy tale. The latter represents a challenge, because the house will have to be renovated. Saturn, Cronos, the lord of time suggests that you should not rush into making a decision!


Where your planet, Saturn, is located at the moment and how you feel has a direct impact on you. The good news for you is that in 4 1/2 months, on November 4th, you will be done going backwards and finally starting to move forward. From here, you can also begin to take advantage of the pending and abandoned opportunities to study, take exams, and travel. The good news is that you don’t have to rush. Saturn does not lead you. It just goes to show that you don’t have to wait any longer. Light turns green = you can go.

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Since June 17, you may have experienced minor or major obstacles to your income. You may have past due funds. For this reason, it is good news that Saturn moves forward on November 4. Because it indicates that they will arrive soon. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and seriousness. Therefore, you must treat your money with due responsibility and seriousness. Now is a good time to stock up. Set aside a few hundred forints every day. A large amount will be collected soon…


You are frustrated or most hindered by Saturn since June 17. Many times I ran into several topics and kept getting stuck. The time was not right, as there was a lack of some resources, knowledge and experience. You can leave it all behind and celebrate starting November 4th. Saturn moves forward and you feel good. It’s still important not to rush. But the results are already starting to appear, giving new incentive to continue. Whether it’s anything…

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