SAS Joseph Mandiner passed away

SAS Joseph Mandiner passed away

The comedian was 82 years old.

The late actor and theater director Joseph Sass, a worthy and excellent artist, winner of the Mary Jazai Prize and award-winning actor Erzsébet, the Hungarian humor character who made an era – Joseph Sass’s family informed ATV. According to the news, the artist’s organization abandoned the fight last night.

The artist was born in 1939 in Bquescapa. His father was also an actor, but he fell victim to the Holocaust. Joseph Sas graduated from the Kálmán Rózsahegyi School of Drama in 1957 and was subsequently contracted to the Kisfaludy Theater in Győr. Since 1958 he has been a member of the Jókai Theater in Békés County, the National Theater in Pécs from 1959, the Artistic Troupe of the Hungarian People’s Army from 1960, and the József Katona Theater in Kecskemét from 1966. In 1973, he became an artist of the Microscope stage, He also held the position of its director from 1985 to 2010. After 2010, he managed a private stage in the Fészek Artists Club. He was a regular contributor to Radio and Television Cabaret, released a number of major albums, and hosted the big party with several solo evenings.

One of the last representatives of the traditional club had a double stroke in the spring of 2019, and then contracted the Coronavirus a few weeks earlier. For a while he seemed to overcome adversity, but his organization finally gave up on the fight. Joseph Sass was 82 years old.

Cover photo: MTI Photo: Földi Imre

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