Sarolta Zlatnay showed off her home: You’ll be amazed at what you find when you enter – the local star

Zlatnay Sarolta Even though she lives her life in the spotlight, she doesn’t really allow any insight into her private life.

The singer is Mocha He spared his staff and showed the kind of house he lives in every day. The eyelash He wrote about how the star had to move out of his former home due to his huge debts and, although he stayed in Tarnock, moved into a friend’s house with his family at Easter.

Sarolta’s house in Zlatnay

Her boyfriend’s house is just one street away from her former home, so the singer didn’t have to move far. Inside and out, this home exudes a warm and homey feel, and is made even more beautiful thanks to the Christmas lights. Moving from the outside in, you discover the garden and then the spacious terrace bathed in the light of the Christmas tree. Here we can see the tree that was the centerpiece of the living room for ten years, but now graces the balcony. Upon entering the house, we immediately fall into a cozy little space, where everything is covered in stuffed animals and Christmas decorations.

The special feature of the house is the fact that the singer leaves Christmas decorations all year long, and this was no different here either. You can see Sarolta Zalatnay’s house inside and out in our photo collection.

Cover photo: MTI / Zsolt Zih

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