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Sapporo Hoki is also mentioned in Miskolc

Sapporo Hoki is also mentioned in Miskolc

On May 12, the Group I Ice Hockey Tournament will start in Finland, where the Hungarian national team can be there again after 2009 and 2016. The final stage of the match begins on Wednesday evening with the match between Hungary and Ukraine in Miskolc, and this match is especially interesting because when Our team was among the best first-time finalists in the modern history of the World Cup, winning the final match against. Our neighbors to the east.

When in 1998 the Hungarian national hockey team defeated Romney at the Budapest Gymnasium in Budapest, in an unforgettable match, it was unequivocally proven that this team out of group c. Of course, this also required us to bring the highest league number to 16, and with such success our volleyball team is ranked among the top 24 in the world. Something started in the sport, and that was true even if he couldn’t get to the second division the following year. Since 2001, the competitions have been taking place under a new system, and the Hungarian national team has never been lower than the second division. The new system was introduced in 2001 and had its first major success: hosted in France, In principle, promotion is not possible. After the success, the Swedish captain at the time, rpd Kercs, said that we had reached a level where we could defeat any member of the field behind the world’s top 16, but not close to each other, within a week. We encountered the truth of this sentence for the first time in 2002 in Hungary, when the team lost to Danette after a big win (between Norway and Great Britain), and He stayed on the second line. As the national team was only one game away from relegation, the fans were constantly considering promotion. We did this despite the constant emphasis on the role of sport: it has no truth.

In Szkesfehrvron and Dunajvros in 2002, in Budapest in 2003 and in Debrecen in 2005, promotion was still not a successSource: AFP / Attila Kispendik

For a long time, the naysayers were right, because in the two-team division in which our national team played, there was always a better team than the Hungarians. states like Kazakhstan, Norway, Germany, Slovenia. Then, when we started to realize that the national team would have a place in the top 16, it was before the Division I World Cup held in Japan in 2008. However, this World Cup was the time when we had no hope of promotion. Not only for being in a far country, but also because With this, two players (in principle) who are stronger than us are included in the top six. In Japan – due to a strange decision – he could not get out of the top 16 for a long time, and even there he regularly played the role of “slinger”, today, in addition to the local strength, routine and experience that happen in his country favor. At that time, Ukraine was a stable Group A group, It was a big surprise that a year ago he lost to Dennett in an unlucky match, after which Norvi was defeated by two faults, forcing him to retire.

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Ukraine was sure that the best would return in 2008Source: AFP / Ilmars Znotins

Naturally, he expected an immediate return. Due to the whims of the draw, the Hungarian-Ukrainian match took place on the last day, however Few of us thought before the World Cup that this would decide the upgrade. Because Japan wanted to defeat the Hungarian national team on the third day of the match, and against the Ukrainian national team on the fourth, and thus return to the top 16. Hungary defeated Japan at Zabor (defeated Storzog and Litvini, then Horvitorg) and really The promotion took place in the last group, the Hungarian-Ukrainian.The majority of players had a very bad season, because Fehrvür made its debut in the Austrian Central European Championship (precursor to today’s ICEHL) that summer, and certainly struggled a lot there. But he also learned from every defeat or worst successful match. Jnos Vas played hockey in Dallas, and joined his team after the World Cup, but only the match against Japan was canceled due to a missed goal. The team arrived a week before the opening round, but the first days did not go well, because The airline has mixed up part of the packages, That only arrived later (maybe after traveling around the world a few times). Hockey equipment is not as easy to replace as water polo. Team captain Kangal Balz managed to skate for days with Sweden’s captain Pat Cortina a goalkeeper and Balz Ladney a video analyst Diego Scandella. At the start, everyone’s equipment arrived, and Genos Vaas also won the “flidben”, so the team reached the situation now known from 2002: it was one point away from the Elite World Cup.

Genus Vaas of the American club came out on top in the World ChampionshipSource: AFP / Ilmars Znotins

We had to beat a smarter vlogger team. But Ukraine did not win on the field for the seventh time, as was previously expected. This may have given us hope, what’s more, if Ukraine wins a 10-match week, maybe one of the next three matches will end on this day.
The Hungarian vlog team is off to a great start, In the first half, it led 2-0 with goals from Jnos Vas and Krisztin Palkovics. Until then, we dared not believe in the possibility of a miracle. Perhaps for the first time at the start of the second leg we gave ourselves, the fans, a serious chance, when Emre Petrde chromgloss increased the lead. Until then, it was 38 minutes. The national team entered the second half with only one lead, as it scored two goals in one minute in the third period.

Super Levente scored two goals in one minute, and in the remaining 59 minutes, he made a huge featSource: AFP / Alexander Nemenov

Victor Tokaji later said that there was no panic in the crowd because of the two quick goals. Cortina remained calm. He told the boys to continue the game because we are doing well. It is usually black and white. Today’s fans know that maybe the Hungarian puck is on the verge of a chance that can never be returned, and all that 20 minutes separate the fulfillment of dreams. The players’ thoughts were naturally in the next third, and they didn’t have time to think about what the difference from the previous one might mean. For them, for the fans, and for the whole sport.

Hungary captain Pat Cortina was tense but calm in the final game against UkraineSource: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Ralf Ibing

The third seemed like a luxury. The guys started out like only Hungarian athletes. Victor Zelig was “punched in the nose” in the match, and the common man was suspended for a few days after the incident. However, Szlig (like other Hungarian hockey players) was treated differently We saw him in the lane within a minute, and he even came back during the game. The players continued their heroic fight to keep the score at 3-2, and today, after a scuffle, the referee gave preference to the Ukrainian “big team”, because instead of professionals they just sent Jnos Vas to the penalty bench. Such a decision could seal the fate of the team. Yes, a national team, but not the Hungarian one. The player’s brother, Morton Vas, said that he was afraid for a moment, but he did not have time to worry for a long time, because, being left behind, they had to do their job.

Marton Vass started on the bench, while his brother nervously came off the bench in the last minuteSource: AFP / Ilmars Znotins

And, as is usual in life, the love of the younger brother was reciprocated by his older brother. But here we are talking about the most sport-like style of revenge, which the author cannot imagine even in the “most romantic” romantic story.
Only you can do this!In the period of the man’s hour, the goalkeeper scored a forced puck, Balzhs Ladny climbed into the Ukrainian goal, and “Vasmarsy” went with him. Allah passed to the left, and Fez Al-Akbar launched “Fez”, the league’s top scorer. History of Hungarian ice hockey. The package was opened in the hole. 4-2. Hungary is among the best! The 16 best volleyball players in the world, incl. Soon this victory was named in the history of Hungarian sport, and for a long time everyone will know what this term means: the miracle of Sapporo.

Hungary-Ukraine 4-2 (2-0, 1-2, 1-0)

April 19, 2008
Cukiszamu Arena, Szappor, 2544 nz
Led by: Reed (Canadian), Jacobsen (Dan), Takizawa (Japanese)

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Hungary: Szuper-Ennaffati, Szlig, Grschl, Holczy, Kovcs-Svasznek, Sille, Palkovics, Jr. Ocskay, Vaszjunyin-Horvth, Tokaji, Vas J., Vas M., Ladnyi-Kangyal, Fekete, Benk, Major, Peterossdi.

Ukraine: Karpenko-Klimentiev, Sryubko, Kasyanchuk, Sakharychuk, Varlamov-Junki, Navarenko, Chalnikov, Sirol, Litvinenko-Yakushin, Lutkevich, Semenchenko, Olekley, Matveychuk-Pobedonushov, Blagoykoy, Matyrchenko

Glock: 10:27: J. Vas (Ladnyi, 1-0). 19:32: Balkovic (HR, 2-0). 21:46: Petrdy (Ladnyi, 3-0). 37:04: Blagoj (Pobedonosev, Karalochok, 3-1). 37:47: Semenchenko (Yakusin, Lyutkevich, 3-2). 59:19: FAS M (Tokaji, Ladni – Human Champion, 4-2)

After the meeting, the captain of the Soviet national team of Ukraine, Flagimr Golubovich, who was confident to the end, made a sports statement about the players:
The Hungarian national team deserved promotion, as it showed consistent performance until the end of the tournament. My body caused trouble, and they didn’t play as well as I expected.”

Pat Cortina, our Canadian-Italian specialist, spoke in a very different mood than his arch-rival:
These guys worked towards this success. Special guys, they worked hard to be the best in the World Championships. No matter how hard it was for them, they never used it as an excuse. I am proud of them and this success! This is the most memorable victory of my play! “

Pat Cortina is the first captain to lead the Hungarian volleyball team to the elite World CupSource: AFP / Andreas Gebert

The chain of fans actually began in the hall, the players in the audience showed a kurtine on the neck like in the NFL, and then, freed from the equipment, turned back to the right. On the bus to the hotel, they did not play in the “quietest city of Sappor”, and then there was an unforgettable action in the hotel too. one of the stars of the team, Awad Gbor Ocskay Jr. About the mistake he made on the first day, that if he were to be promoted, he would throw himself in the hotel locker, Which of course was not of this kind. However, Fehrvár Castle said the following after the great victory:
We played very well against the Ukrainians too, although we could have played better. For the first third I thought we could beat them. It’s the nineteenth, it’s my favorite number, I play with this number. it is a great day! “

Gbor Ocskay Jr. was He is the 16th member of our national team at the age of 17Source: AFP / Ilmars Znotins

After Ocskay’s show in Szlóda, the players celebrate their success in town, but everyone is still waiting for the plane to take off. It is true that some of them still reside in the Far East and visit their former team for a few days. This pre-arranged program also indicated that they were not confident about the promotion, because had we known in advance that this was going to happen, they would not have organized a separate program at the time of the Budapest Festival. Because he travels to Bcs by plane, from there he goes home by bus, and has a spontaneous trip to Budapest.

He goes everywhere, but he’s the best at home – he flies with a gold medal around his neck: Szüper Levente on his way to a great victory in BudapestSource: AFP / Peter Parker

The following year, the Hungarian national team was able to take part in the Elite World Championship, being in Group A. Even then, Ukraine was not among the top 16 teams, and since the second line is limited to six teams, it often has no place there, and in 2018 it is constantly struggling in the third division. In Zappor, not only the Ukrainian volleyball team was on the ground, but also the Ukrainian puck.While we are preparing for a match against the Finns, the Swedes and the Americans among the best, the Ukrainians start on April 23, in the third division WC in Tallinn. health conditions changed in 15 years, Today, there is a chance of a game against Ukraine and Hungary as well, as many of our best players will not be moving forward, and the manager is using the match to see who can join the confirmed members of the Tampere squad.

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