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Sandy did not give a concert in Slovakia because there were too few spectators

Sandy did not give a concert in Slovakia because there were too few spectators

Sandy (Alexandra Pintaschi) did not give a concert in Madar, Slovakia, because she and her husband, Csaba Bogdan, thought there were too few people in the place, she writes The newspaper wrote that the singer took the money owed to her and then left the charity concert last Saturday. The organizers wanted to donate the proceeds from the concert to a mentally disabled mother who lives in Madar. The mother is raising her three children in difficult circumstances, including two who are also sick.

One participant told Blikk that he saw that Szandi did not even get out of the car after seeing that the crowd gathered in front of the stage was toothless. The event was also confirmed by the non-profit organization Angyali Kezek, which organized the event. “Szandi arrived, then – claiming there were few people – refused to even get out of the car. He took gas, 1,500 euros (about 600,000 Hungarian forints), and left. He said it was in his contract that he would not give a concert for less than fifty people, But we can prove that we sold sixty tickets right away, and another 40-50 people were present as volunteers who also wanted to see it.” The organizers tried to convince Szande to sing at least 3-4 songs, but the singer refused to come on stage.

The newspaper contacted Szande and her husband, who said they arrived at the scene at 10:30, where there were eight people standing in front of the stage, and a few others in a bar, on the other side of the football field. area. Szande admitted that she did not get out of the car, “because there was not much to go,” and that she had already taken the money she was owed, as she and her husband did what they had to do. The ceremony failed through no fault of their own. Sandy said: “But this amount was not 1,500 euros, but much less than that, and I would like to donate the money to a family in need.”

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According to Csaba Bogdan, they did not know that they would be helping a family at the concert, adding that an audience of at least 50 people is already a condition in their contract. Bogdan said that the next day they spoke to the speaker, who said that after he and Szande left the venue, the organizers allowed people free entry to the Happy Gang concert that started later, where there were already 50-60 people in the audience.

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