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Sándor Fazekas corrected his asset statement again, and had to enter a few forgotten millions

Sándor Fazekas corrected his asset statement again, and had to enter a few forgotten millions

February 15, 2024 – 7:01 pm

Former Agriculture Minister Sandor Fazekas had to correct his 2023 statement of assets for the second time, because he did not include his income from company profits or from his membership in the Board of Trustees. K-Monitor noticed this flaw. The Parliament's Immunity Committee was informed, and as a result, the Fidesz MP received profits of 9 million Hungarian forints, and he indicated elsewhere that he had an income of between 1 million and 5 million Hungarian forints as a member of the federation. Board of Trustees. Parliament On his website The corrected version is already included.

As an actor, Sandor Fazekas currently earns a total of HUF 2,166,217, receives an honorarium of HUF 1.5 million from the Board of Trustees of the Veterinary Medicine Foundation, and also receives a dividend of HUF 9 million from his company in 2023.

The first mistake that Sándor Fazekas made was that he declared 2.1 HUF in cash in his statement of assets. He apologized for the typo, in the corrected version it actually says “one million” plus HUF 2.1.

According to the NGO's campaign for the transparent use of public funds and the suppression of corruption, the Sandor Fazekas case also proves that there are no consequences if someone submits an incomplete or incorrect declaration of assets. “Viktor Orbán described the current regime in Brussels as the toughest in Europe, but the fact that Fazekas twice submitted a statement containing false information has no consequences at all. However, the new anti-corruption strategy imposed under EU pressure anticipates sanctions.” .

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The Hungarian asset declaration system has been criticized for decades by NGOs fighting for transparency, the main problem being that representatives can essentially write anything into the document with no consequences. The declarations are not automatically checked by any authority, and the declarations of family members of government members, representatives and common law notables are not public either, so we cannot get a true picture of their financial situation either.

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