Samsung will keep its cell phones safe

Samsung will keep its cell phones safe

The South Korean manufacturer will now provide security updates to its devices for at least four years.

Samsung on Monday AdvertiseTo significantly extend the period during which security updates are available to the phones they manufacture. The protection offered for the software “for at least four years” after its release seems undoubtedly better than the practice used to date, which was guaranteed for a period of two years for non-critical cases. It is true that the recent period of some devices (such as the high-end Galaxy S) has been extended for an additional year, with the arrival of “remote therapy” at a slower quarterly rate instead of the previous monthly updates. On the other hand, cheaper devices that are only updated quarterly can not be expected to be repaired out of the box after two years.

The current announcement reveals that the extended support, which applies to the company’s mobile phones and tablets, will not only apply to future models, but also to devices that debuted since 2019. The longer protection also extends to Samsung’s cheapest entry-level products, such as the Galaxy A10e. However, the double standards aren’t going away completely: Some of the company’s lower-end devices will still only receive quarterly updates, while the more expensive models will receive monthly.

Coercion to cooperate

The press release highlights the company’s determination to create digital security for its users through countless partnerships of the best quality and broadest possible. Industrial collaboration is really a prominent topic of Android, which, unlike Apple’s mobile operating system, runs on a sea of ​​different models from an army of manufacturers.

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The current announcement is made possible in part through this partnership: late last year, it was revealed that Qualcomm and Google are working together to provide suppliers with everything they need for software protection for four years for phones with Snapdragon chipsets. All this, of course, alone was not sufficient for Samsung’s commitment on Monday, as Qualcomm-Google’s collaboration will not affect the models on which the self-developed Korean Exynos processor is working.

Extending the security cycle beyond discussion is not only beneficial for shoppers who use their phones for long periods of time, but it can also help keep the digital world in general clean. If cell phones can get the protection they need by the end of their life expectancy, this will make cyber criminals more difficult and, for example, reduce the frequency and severity of botnet attacks.

Luster strength

Samsung’s mobile division last year closed very badly, so it is understandable that the manufacturer will do everything in its power to make its products more attractive to customers. Gartner recently announced data According to the company, although it has maintained its leadership among suppliers, its sales are down about 15 percent year-on-year. The last quarter brought a particularly bitter pill for Samsung: Apple became the largest mobile phone maker during the holiday season – and there has been no such thing since 2016.

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