Samsung launches home appliance repair program

Samsung launches home appliance repair program

Your high-end cell phones and tablets will be at home in the United States.

The free after apple Samsung’s US office also announced its home repair program in partnership with iFixit, and the entrepreneur will be able to perform some unspecified repairs on some premium Galaxy mobiles and tablets themselves.

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As part of the program, necessary spare parts and tools will be available through iFixit, and step-by-step visual instructions will help you make repairs. Samsung will provide an opportunity to return the replaced parts for recycling.

For the first time starting in the summer, it will be possible to carry out home repairs to the Galaxy S20 / S21 and Galaxy Tab S7 + smartphones, and additional devices may be added to the program in the future. It’s not clear if a do-it-yourself repair option will ever be available outside the United States.

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