Samsung launches another MiniLED QLED 8K TV

The QN700 will be available in 55, 65 and 75 inch versions and has been equipped with some good player features.

Samsung has announced the launch of a new mini QLED backlit LED imaging process with its 8K TV. According to the news, the backlit diodes on the QN700A have been divided into lower regions than the higher models.


The product, which is based on a quantum dot LED LCD imaging process, also received the company’s precision measurement process, supports HDR content display, and is based on the company’s latest Tizen 6.0 smart TV system. It also lacks Samsung Object Tracking Sound + (OTS +) action, which in theory allows sounds to be heard from the direction of the screen from where they’re supposed to come from. It does not have a lot of novelty in the design of the device, and if everything is correct, then the connectors are in an external box.

The maximum refresh rate is 120Hz, the device supports dynamically variable refresh rate function, and the input lag is said to be below average. Prices for the TV in Hungary are not yet known, but it is known that the 55-inch version costs 2,900 euros (~1,000,000 fort), the 65-inch version costs 3,700 euros (~1,280,000 fort), and the 75-inch version. 5,000 euros (about 730,000 HUF) is required in Germany.

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