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Samsung headphones are also enhanced with artificial intelligence

Samsung headphones are also enhanced with artificial intelligence

Samsung Galaxy Buds updates include a number of hands-free AI-based features. Paired with Galaxy S24 smartphones, Samsung TVs and other devices, Galaxy Buds offer users all-new comfort and smart functionality, according to the manufacturer, They can be more in tune with the world around them.

The latest updates to the Galaxy Buds primarily provide seamless pairing with Samsung devices.

Oracast: The company introduced Auracast to Samsung Smart TVs and Galaxy Buds2 Pro last year. The TV turns into a combined radio station that streams audio to multiple speakers. With the latest updates, the feature extends to smartphones, including the Galaxy S24 series.

360 audio: The audio system puts users at the center of the action, and 360 Audio delivers surround sound from all directions. Previously supported on smartphones, tablets and desktops, 360 Audio is now also available on TVs, so you can enjoy a cinema-like experience at home. The Galaxy Buds will also track head movements.

Auto switch: When the user Galaxy Buds headphonesTo watch content on your TV, Auto Switch automatically connects to your Galaxy smartphone during incoming phone calls, then switches back to TV audio when the call ends. The latest update expands this feature to desktop computers, so users can enjoy premium sound on more devices.

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Buds can facilitate barrier-free communication

With the Galaxy S24 series' real-time translation functions, they can talk to anyone, anywhere, and barrier-free communication can become even more effective with Galaxy Buds.

translator: The function makes communication easier on Galaxy S24 devices through real-time translation. When paired with Galaxy Buds, the function can become even more perfect, as the device separates the human voice during a conversation. The interlocutors do not need to pass the smartphone to each other for translation, as one party can hear the translation of what the other party is saying through the earphones, while the other party hears the translated text on the hands-free device. In addition, the user can easily change the speech order during a call by simply tapping on the earpiece, without manually adjusting it on the smartphone. Unfortunately, the function is not available in Hungarian.

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The latest software update will gradually become available on Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds2 and Buds FE from the end of February.

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