Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 may receive one of the functions of the Z Fold and Galaxy S models.

It’s now almost certain that Samsung’s new foldable phones will be presented at the end of July, with the Z Fold 5 continuing to focus on productivity, and the Z Flip 5 on compact size and portability. The latter can be expanded with a useful function that has been available in other high-end Samsung devices for quite some time.

If you have a premium Samsung mobile phone, you probably use it with great satisfaction, but if not, there is a good chance that you have already heard about the function called DeX. the Samsung DeX It enables a smartphone to provide an interface quite reminiscent of that of desktop computers by connecting appropriate peripherals, which can be wired or even completely wireless. Essentially, Samsung devices have become an Android mini PC, which in this user mode offers more productivity and multimedia options.

Samsung DeX

Incredibly, this functionality was not available on the Galaxy Z Flip models at all, although it is also available on the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy S devices. In fact, even some of the mid-range Galaxy A phones are DeX-capable, but it wasn’t. For reversible models. the Sammobile According to his information, this may change soon, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 debuting this summer will already allow it to run in a desktop environment.

Initial rendering of the device, which may feature a much larger external screen compared to its predecessors

Since the hardware on both current and older Galaxy Z Flip models is so powerful that DeX can run on it, an interesting question might be whether only the new model will get the functionality, or will it be available later on other models through an update? Unfortunately, the news source doesn’t have the answer yet.

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It is worthwhile to treat the information with reservations, but at the same time this add-on could make Samsung’s smaller bendable phone a somewhat better offer, which, although it is usually cheaper than its older brother, can not be called friendly in any way. Samsung’s bendable devices will be presented earlier than expected, at the end of July, before the Grand Prix.

source: GSMArena

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