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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro – Round, but not round

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro - Round, but not round

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He gave up his lesson. Apple Watch To the competition, which has been stumbling at the starting line for years rather than competing. Samsung had interesting competitors with its Tizen platform, smart sensor package, but no deep mobile integration, and while that may be the strength of Wear OS, Google left the platform to itself more than our government left individual entrepreneurs. It made sense for the two to collaborate last year, especially as Huawei and Garmin gadgets started getting smarter in terms of shamelessly good uptime, switching to the renewed Wear OS Galaxy Watch 4 However, it initially became strongly experimental, since the customer had to pay for the test option.


Meaning: the link has ended, to fold And the best bendable phone so far is worth it: a Watch5 Pro Not only with the more mature Wear OS 3.5 and One UI 4.5, it can also handle the daily ache of charging with its 590mAh battery. My eyes almost lit up Read about 80 hours of operationbecause I don’t want to be stressed about the watch plus my mobile phone, or without activity tracking for an hour and a half to two hours a day, while Epix Gen2 Obsession Watch GT 3 Pro It absorbs a quantity of naphtha for days while showering and getting dressed, so you never have to calculate percentages, a payout that isn’t worth even for Apple Watches. Samsung has also added a thermometer to its versatile sensor package this year, which includes an optical pulse oximeter, ECG and BMI meter, sphygmomanometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, photometer, compass, and satellite receiver. , In addition to an offline map guide.


These are all innovations as if they were made just for me, and I’m not particularly impressed with the 45.4 x 45.4 x 10.5mm weight and 46.5g. However, it is true that this data series is skewed – that is, sorry – no Business Samsung measures as You areafter unpacking things. Without sensor hump The Watch5 Pro is 10.5mm thick, and is actually 15.22mm thicker, with lugs that accept a 20mm strap, the watch part is 53mm long, and with a silicone strap, the entire case weighs 75g on the wrist, which is small No literal clarification , while FitBit does not want to rewrite the SI system of units. Other manufacturers also tend to dismiss the grams and millimeters, but the tension begins to build up internal as well, when Samsung mentions the word “fast charging” and puts the plug into a factory 25W adapter. in 113 minutes I can only pull it off.

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The magnetic disk easily snaps onto the back panel, and its stable cable makes it hard to get lost among many things, but it also needs to be carried with a cord, the other end being Type-C. So, if you don’t have a USB-C charging head at home, you can already put one in the basket, because the packaging hides only the device, cable, and instructions. In addition, the new watch can not be placed on a wireless charging pad or rechargeable mobile phone without removing the Z-shaped buckle forming strap, but anyway with the uleFone charging pad, which is Galaxy S22 +And Watch 3 Pro Without any problems, Watch5 Pro was out of the question. With the Galaxy phone, hardly any power moved into the battery in a matter of hours, charging dropped multiple times and no MagSafe magnetic attachment – this charger was not considered in its ecosystem.


The massive frame has received more attention thanks to the sturdy titanium chassis, which in this list It has passed a large number of MIL-STD-810G/H tests in addition to obtaining IP68 and 5 ATM certifications, meaning the watch can be used for swimming in shallow water. The bezel surrounding the 1.4-inch AMOLED display is large and protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The Pro designation refers to this and focus on outdoor sports, so the Garmin prime-hour experience is easy to use, and Samsung’s 607-nits display with a diagonal of 450 pixels will be the envy of Epix as well. Automatic brightness adjustment is accurate during the day, but the panel remains perfectly bright at night, so manual adjustment is necessary in dim light or near a campfire. To avoid flickering at night, it is worth turning on the sleep time mode, which turns on a dim face, and then turn on Do Not Disturb mode on both the watch and the mobile phone. Sure, it would be difficult to break the screen if it was lowered too deeply, but the touchpad is also more difficult to reach than if it reached from edge to edge, and what a serious cut: the classic 4 o’clock edge also jumped!

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This is strange because the bezel is high enough to fit even with the protection, but there are three types of coffee: one on the edge of the glass panel, a black, concave layer that looks like plastic, and of course the titanium frame itself. Playback of the default frame is not good when placed on the edge of the screen: if I pull my finger gently, the system perceives it as a touch, and if it is more decisive, it immediately moves 3-5, so Samsung sacrificed the audience’s favorite physical function on the altar the shape. Otherwise, touch sensitivity is good enough that handling of the watch’s tiny keyboard is limited only to the precision of our fingers, and the feedback from the two buttons is excellent, and can only be associated with very few quick functions. The five-button Garmin is a pro at this, with blind access to almost all functions with single, double, long and mixed presses, and scrolling is also better with up and down keys than with finger strokes.

Watch5 Pro along with Watch4 Classic
Watch5 Pro along with Watch4 Classic [+]

In any case, the realistic design is attractive in its simplicity, but the brand is not easy to recognize with it, and the practical silicone strap is adjustable little by little, which is very comfortable and stable enough. D-buckle With a jockstrap. I’ve never felt the big watch was annoyingly big with it, but without the holes, draining the sweat during exercise is less effective. If you don’t like the style, you can replace the standard 20mm strap with anything, and instead of the silver titanium frame shown here, you can opt for a black Watch5 Pro for the HUF 205 in WiFi version and HUF 225 in LTE version, which is pretty bold.

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The speaker is on the left and the microphone is on the right of the frame, the recording volume sensor with wireless charging according to the WPC standard stands out on the back, and to the right of it rests a thermometer without a function at the time, which will be used to monitor sleep for the first time. Keys can be tapped from the top of the clock, an app menu pops up from the bottom, notifications can be viewed from the left and widgets from the right, in a reorderable order. The top button takes you to the home page, and the bottom button has a back function, as does swiping from left to right on the screen.

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