Samsung does not deny that it hinders the performance of its mobile phones

Samsung does not deny that it hinders the performance of its mobile phones

Samsung was in the spotlight the other day with some very unpleasant news, it is said Thousands of apps are hampered On some devices they make, while optimizing the game with keywords. The company partially acknowledged the claims, but said it only made use of this option for games, not slowing down regular apps. Anyway, they promised a solution to the phenomenon, in the form of an update.

As we wrote earlier, a list of 10,000 applications has been uploaded to the World Wide Web, claiming that the performance of these applications is degraded due to the Game Optimization Service (GOS) developed by Samsung. company Confirm the existence of this phenomenonbut for games only:

Our primary goal is to provide the best mobile experience to consumers. Game Optimization Service (GOS) is designed to give gaming applications great performance while effectively managing device temperature. GOS does not handle the performance of non-running applications. We appreciate your feedback on our products, and after careful consideration, we plan to provide a software update soon to allow users to control performance while running gaming applications.

The company will soon make an update available to resolve complaints that will allow users to exercise the priority performance option. In other words, Samsung will allow users to squeeze as many devices as possible. Let’s hope this opportunity comes to all affected devices.

However, it should be noted that the company has not addressed the fact that modular applications were not affected by this software barrier. Excluding synthetic tests from this questionable optimization meant (or meant) that phone owners got a very different picture of their mobile capabilities.

source: AndroidAuthority

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