Samsung can still manufacture Google Tensor chips

For some time now, Google has been using its own chipset in the production of Pixel models, and the so-called Tensor chips have been designed and manufactured by Samsung for the search giant. According to rumors, Google will also use the services of the South Korean manufacturer in the next generation, but there are also conflicting reports.

According to early reports, Google’s Tensor G3 chipset will be co-designed with Samsung’s System SLI division and manufactured using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm manufacturing process. On the other hand, Tensor G4 can already be designed completely in-house and can be fabricated using TSMC’s 4nm method. When the time comes for the Tensor G5, it will also be manufactured by TSMC, using a 3nm process.

According to other sources, Google really wanted to switch to TSMC’s 4nm production method for the Tensor G4, but the company has been hampered by high costs at the moment, so it will stay with Samsung.

So at the moment it is not entirely clear on this issue, but Samsung Foundry will certainly need a customer using the 3nm GAA process, and the South Koreans may be willing to compromise. Samsung’s chip production division lags behind TSMC, and it was also revealed that the 5nm and 4nm production methods consume much more power than similar solutions of the Taiwanese company.

Suppose there are reports that Samsung’s 3nm Gate All Around technology has undergone a significant improvement in terms of efficiency, but this has not been proven yet. By the way, according to some news, AMD will use Samsung Foundry’s 4nm manufacturing process to produce next-generation chips.

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source: Sammobile

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