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Back in July, Samsung launched a cutting edge photo editing app powered by artificial intelligence. Galaxy Enhance-X was compatible with a very limited selection of Galaxy devices, but the new version of the app is specifically designed to take advantage of the powerful processors found in the Galaxy S23 series.

Yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X v1.0.55 beta only supports the company’s latest Galaxy S23, as image processing using artificial intelligence requires complex processing, and thus requires high-end hardware such as those in the Galaxy S23 series. However, Samsung has confirmed that Galaxy S22 users will soon have access to the new version of the photo editor. In addition, the South Korean mobile manufacturer revealed that the Galaxy Enhance-X app will be supported by some Galaxy A series devices, although not all features are available for them.

Currently, the Galaxy Enhance-X app for the S23 series supports photo retouching, optimization, and artifact removal. If you own one of Samsung’s latest flagships, you can use features like Magic, HDR, brightness, focus enhancement, lens distortion correction, Upscaling (4x resolution improvement), and Sharpen functions.

In addition, we will be able to apply various enhancement functions, such as beauty and light effects in portrait mode. In the Remove Artifact menu, the application gives users the ability to remove shadows from their photos as well as reflective objects. With the Galaxy Enhance-X app, users can start editing photos after shooting, and most of the features available in the app can be applied with a single click, so it doesn’t require much in-depth knowledge of photography.

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The latest version of Galaxy Enhance-X can be downloaded for free Through the Galaxy Store.

We will also be testing the app this week on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!


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