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Sam Bankman Freed, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, is imprisoned

Sam Bankman Freed, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, is imprisoned

He violated the terms of his house arrest.

The court changed it to a prison Sam Bankman Fried House arrest because a businessman charged with economic crimes violated the terms of his house arrest, MTI reports.

The founder of bankrupt cryptocurrency firm FTX has been led out of court after the decision was made in New York on Friday night.

Judge Louis A. Kaplan stated that there are good reasons for issuing the prison order, because the accused has tried to influence the crown prince’s witnesses at least twice since he was placed under house arrest last December, in part by making statements in the media and revealing private correspondence. The judge added that it was very likely that there were several similar attempts by Bankman-Fried to discourage witnesses from cooperating with the prosecution, which is also an offence.

Prosecutors asked the court in late July to order that Bankman-Fried be jailed pending trial because he tried to influence witnesses for the prosecution, including his ex-girlfriend.

According to the defense attorneys, their client was only trying to protect his reputation by making statements against unfavorable media coverage of him.

Sam Bankman-Fried, who had a fortune of more than twenty billion dollars as head of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is accused of stealing billions of dollars from clients of his company, which he used partly for his own purposes and partly turned into his private property. Venture capital investment company. It also provided political support, mostly for the purposes of the Democratic Party, but Republicans profited from it as well.

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