Sainz elárulta, hogy mi volt az erősségük, illetve azt is, hogy mire számít a hétvégén

Sainz revealed what their strengths are, as well as what they expect from the weekend

Carlos Sainz With four points at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he is seventh in the individual points race, trailing Valtteri Bottas by just five, while teammate Charles Leclerc is 10 points ahead. The young Spanish driver has now revealed that he finished eighth in Baku, the most unpleasant weekend of the season so far.

“I think from a personal point of view, this was probably the most frustrating weekend of the season, as I wasn’t able to do any of it properly with a competitive car, neither Saturday nor Sunday, so overall I left Baku frustrated as a driver.”

“I don’t think others will have much trouble warming up the tires in qualifying, that was one of our strengths in Baku to get the most out of the soft compound tyres, maybe the others had that weakness, and in the race, as I said, everything went normally” .

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“So I expect the Baku race to set the tone for this weekend in both the short and long stages, which means we need to come back in the middle with McLaren, Alpine and Alfatore,” he said. Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“I didn’t know if there was something wrong with the tyres or maybe something wrong with the suspension. I usually don’t ask for much. I try to steer clear of what really happened. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of their situation.”

Based on the last two races, it appears that although Ferrari had the speed to fight for first place in the time trial, that performance cannot be carried over to Sunday’s race, as they struggled a lot in turn.

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“I think we need to look at this from one race to the other. I think we had the speed in Monaco, for example, to fight for first place and also to win.”

“On the other side, though, is Baku, where we thought we would be slower than we were in Monzau, but in qualifying we were actually one of the most competitive teams, and we were able to warm the soft tyres properly.”

“And we were fighting for first place, and then we went back to the race where we were waiting for ourselves before the race, which was half a second behind the drivers in terms of race speed. Like I said before, I think we still had a car that was 99 percent slower on the tracks, so We need to break our heads and move on.”



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