Saints Row reboot is long overdue

Saints Row reboot is long overdue

Volition and studio head Jim Boone made an announcement a few hours ago announcing the release of Saints Row. The remake of the series was originally supposed to appear on February 25, 2022, but the new assigned release date was August 23, 2022, so the game is 6 months late.

The team justified the decision by underestimating the impact the coronavirus could have on development operations, despite the fact that everyone is used to working from home very quickly and developers are still working “incredibly”. Volition added that if the new Saints Row is released with the original February date, they will not be able to meet their expectations as well as fans who deserve the best quality. According to the statement, the team has already passed the lion’s share of the work, and now all that remains is to improve the game. The studio explained that the new Saints Row is such a large-scale project that developers simply need more time to put together the best and biggest Saints Row game possible.

The statement ends with knowing how frustrated you feel when waiting for a match, but it slips and it can be frustrating. However, when the players “take the final into their own hands”, they will feel “it was worth the wait”.

The new episode of Saints Row approaches the franchise in a completely different direction while keeping the essentials. There will be no shortage of customization options, there will be plenty of post-release content, and even the characters in the game will look like interesting ones. We’ve already seen the new episode of Saints Row, you can find our detailed report here.

The Saints Row reboot will be released on August 23, 2022 for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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