Sad news from Sony: Uncharted will only debut next year!

But we still don’t know the exact date.

With filming for Uncharted completed at the end of October last year, everyone was confident that it could finally make its movie debut one day in October this year, but the coronavirus had entered again. Thus, Sony Pictures announced the other day that it would only present the much-anticipated film in 2022, which, incidentally, will not feature quite a few stars.

Here’s Tom Holland now, who will play the iconic protagonist, Nathan Drake, but Mark Wahlberg and legendary Antonio Banderas will also play a prominent role in it. We’ll be very curious about the end result, as sits director Robin Fleischer, who has managed to shoot two-part films like Zombieland, Gangster Star, or Venom.

From Sony Pictures’ point of view, the movie’s fate is interesting only because they somehow want to bring Naughty Dog’s witty work to screen for more than 10 (!) Years, during which time they have actors and 7 directors left the project there. Anyway, it’s very encouraging that Japanese company president Jim Ryan said recently that the Uncharted movie adaptation is just the beginning and more PlayStation-exclusive series will be rethought in some way in the future.

So, Uncharted is expected to arrive in 2022, and the only question is whether it will be available exclusively in movie theaters or on its neighboring live broadcasting platforms, and if so, when exactly.

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