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We are providing NASA with the first example of Sierra Space's Dream Chaser for testing purposes.

At the end of last year, Colorado-based Sierra Space announced the launch of its first Dream Chaser vehicle, named Tenacity. spacecraft to NASA's John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio (John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Fieldage Lewis Research Center), at the Neil A. Test Center. Armstrong (Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility) Connecting There, connect the Dream Chaser to the “Shooting Star” mounted unit, then onto the world's most powerful platform (mechanical vibration attachment) Subject to vibration tests. Meanwhile, Sierra Space already has a second example of the Dream Chaser, Reverence. (The 4.6 meter long Shooting Star payload module that can be attached to the Dream Chaser can deliver a 4,500 kg payload to the ISS. The module does not return to Earth, but unlike single-use payloads, it is sufficient in the air. It is suitable for supplying 6 kW of solar energy.)

Sierra Space's first Dream Chaser, Tenacity. (Conservative Party(space sierra)

Sierra Space has contracted with NASA for the cargo vehicle serving the International Space Station, the Dream Chaser automatic launch vehicle. The first example of this is Perseverance, which, according to plans, could begin its first trials in April. Then the plane from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida (KSC, Kennedy Space Center) is ULA (United Space Alliance) It will be launched with the Vulcan Centaur cargo, and will also land at KSC, a former aircraft landing site (Shuttle Landing Facility) He returns from the mission. (The first flight of the Vulcan Centaur was successful at the beginning of January.) And you can see one here video Dream Chaser successfully completed its free trial in November 2017.

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Last year, Sierra Space employees celebrated the first example of CG flight. (Conservative Party(space sierra)

The biggest challenge in designing and producing the Dream Chaser was that the machine had to withstand a load of up to 1650°C. Sierra Space representatives said the gp autonomous flight system is designed for at least 15 flights.

In the first series of flights with Tenacity, according to plans, there will be six flights to the International Space Station. Unlike SpaceX's Dragon cargo vehicle, the Dream Chaser will also be able to bring experimental materials and other equipment to Earth from the International Space Station. (The other two payload types currently serving the ISS, Northrop Grumman's Cygnus and Russian Progress, are not suitable for this purpose.) Sierra Space's future plans include further development of the Dream Chaser. They could also make the machine suitable for delivering rockets to the International Space Station and back, much smaller versions of previous aircraft.

Dream Chaser with attached payload module, Shooting Star. (Vansia drawing(space sierra)

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