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The topic was actually abandoned at the end of last year, but then a big HA was in the plans. If all goes well with JWST. Fortunately, all is well, and the future is also seen from a different perspective.

James Webb- rtvcs (JWST) Presenting his first recordings The period of scientific work has officially begun, and more images and spectra will keep astronomers working for at least two decades. At the same time, in the wake of success, it is important to look to the future: this is what Jeff Faust, editor-in-chief said, space review Burton Keys American Star. The next agreement, according to current plans, could be at the end of 2026 Nancy Grace Roman rtvcs (NGRST, formerly known as WFIRST), which is expected to survey large swaths of the sky (unlike JWST, which is expected to penetrate as deeply as possible into small regions in the far reaches of the universe, observing certain things like as accurately as possible). If everything goes according to plan (the NGRST launch did not fail, and the JWST has already worked for two decades), there will be a huge gap between the operating times of the two large telescopes, and when the Roman telescope is installed, even the Hubble Telescope (HST) can work as well.

NASA’s James Webb mission has just begun its science work, but astronomers are already thinking about the next big mission. (CB: NASA/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez)

In the long term – which means the period after the expected completion of the JWST mission by 2040 – the guidance was published last November Astro 2020 decimal capital study Then there are the large observatories designed to observe different wavelength ranges, in the form of the better “big observatories”. (At that time, the Hubble, Compton, Chandra, and Spitzer telescopes were used in large observatories.) Astro 2020 It suggests some kind of step-by-step process, technologically one-to-one, for example, so that it is more economical to use explosives, avoiding Six days Sa expenses Great experience with JWST. NASA has been accepted by the National Research Council Astro 2020But it was not implemented in the 2023 budget. However, in the 2024 plan, it is already discussed, as Paul Hertz, director of NASA astrophysics, recently discussed at the American Astronomical Society conference.

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NASA’s earlier “large observatories.” (CB: NASA, Wikipedia)

Hertz said that the operation is planned in three phases, first of all, as a technological part of the large observatories, GOMAP (Great Observatories Mission and Technology Maturity Program) In the context of surveying scientific goals and technological possibilities, frameworks within which large observatories can be achieved are determined by means of studies. The second stage of the operation can begin in a few years, within this framework, the previously proposed tasks are analyzed, mainly with an IROUV detector designed for the infrared, optical and ultraviolet ranges (this will be LUVOIR was mentioned in our previous article reduced version). In the third stage, which also lasts a few years, the official decision can be made on the creation of the IROUV and the merger process can begin.

However, some astronomers consider the plans worrisome, because, according to their opinion, a multi-step approach allows possible changes in the management of NASA or other programs under pressure from the organization (for example, Artemis or the Model of the Year from Mars) to change plans. In addition, by the time the next decadal astrophysical forecast begins, little progress will be made in the IROUV phase, so the focus will only be on Astro 2030In, we consider it one of the competing projects, which means an entire decade lost in the universe.

The solution could be at a faster pace, but this has its own hurdles. Hertz said they could count on a $1.6 billion budget for the JWST project and the NGRST project, so he suggested a discussion on more plans. He added that due to the negative experiences (management and management) gained with JWST, it would be difficult to request more funding from NASA to speed up a better science project. On the contrary, NASA must prove that they learned from the mistakes of the JWST management, otherwise their claims will be discredited. Therefore, after the successful launch of the JWST business, Hertz considers the most important task of the Astrophysics Department to be to develop the NRGST while maintaining the project plan and staying within the managed budget. In his opinion, it is no less similar to all of the Rastrovian Physics.

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In the opinion of the stars, in order to realize the plans, support in Congress and Szentus is also needed. Perhaps the most influential political argument in both houses of parliament is that by 2050, China could overtake the United States in terms of nuclear weapons.

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