Russo-Ukrainian tensions are escalating

Russo-Ukrainian tensions are escalating

The UK will send warships to the Black Sea in May to ensure interoperability of the Kerch Strait to Ukraine and NATO allies. The British announcement came after Russia, despite Ukraine’s protests, closed part of the Black Sea in front of the Kerch Strait until October next week, citing military maneuvers in front of foreign warships and other ships. Kiev drew attention to the fact that Russia, through such measures, repeatedly violates the rules and principles of international law, violating the sovereign right of Ukraine as a coastal state, since Ukraine has the right to regulate shipping in this part of the Black Sea.

According to Ukraine, Russia has now deepened the conflict, not only on land but also at sea.

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In the Sea of ​​Azov, both sides have strategic sea and commercial ports. Rostov belongs to Russia, and Mariupol is to Ukraine. Their passage passes through the Kerch Strait. If closed, Mariupol will be closed,

Which could cause significant economic losses to Ukraine.

A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense said that the UK government and its allies are working closely with Ukraine to support the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called on Russia to de-escalate.

US President Joe Biden announced financial and diplomatic sanctions against Russia on Thursday after Washington said that Moscow had carried out cyberattacks and interfered in the US presidential elections last year.

The Kremlin is not worried about US sanctions

The stability of the Russian economy is fully guaranteed, despite the new US sanctions.

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