Russia's neighbors should not escalate tensions

Russia’s neighbors should not escalate tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia “does not have bad intentions” towards its neighbors, and said it should return to cooperation with international partners after Western countries imposed sanctions and cut ties with Russian companies. financial times.

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The Russian president said countries should not escalate the situation and not impose any restrictions.

We do not see the need for the situation to worsen or for our relations to deteriorate further

Putin said.

All our actions are always a reaction to unfriendly actions against Russia

he added. He also said that Russia sees the loss of global companies as severing ties with Moscow.

If someone does not want to cooperate (…), it will hurt himself, but of course it will also hurt us.

Putin said. The Russian president also said that a number of commercial projects in the country will need to be developed in new areas such as aviation.

“Actually, there are benefits only at the end because, as I said, we gain additional skills.

“We can perform such tasks,” Putin said.

He may also face a fifteen-year prison sentence for spreading false news about the Russian military

The Law It also allows for fines to be imposed on publishers of false information.

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