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Russian tactics were successful, and a devastating response was received to the Ukrainian counterattack

Russian tactics were successful, and a devastating response was received to the Ukrainian counterattack

However, the report indicates this

The situation around Robotine is volatile, and some tactically important fortifications change hands several times.

According to geolocated footage on Saturday, Ukrainian forces struck Russian forces who were trying to seize a trench system one kilometer away from Robotin, near the T0408 road between Robotin and Tokmak. According to footage from September 13, the Ukrainians had previously occupied some sections of this system, but Between 13 and 30 September, the Russians managed to recapture it during their counterattack.

A Ukrainian soldier analyzed the footage and concluded that the aforementioned trench was a fortification in the defense system extending between two robots and Novoprokopivka. The Ukrainian soldier pointed out that the trenches are connected to underground tunnel-like structures and that Russian forces give priority to defending these sites, which have tactical importance in the area between two robots and Novoprokopivka.

Records show that

Of the three trenches, the Ukrainians are located the farthest east, and are trying to advance west to seize the other two.

According to satellite images, the Russians between September 25 and 28 They destroyed a Ukrainian military vehicleWhich indicates that Russian forces In late September, they repelled a Ukrainian attack and reinforced Russian positions near the trench system.

Russian forces are reported to remain in the western and central trenches, indicating that Russian forces successfully launched limited tactical counterattacks south of Robotin.

ISW writes, adding that the tactical situation here is complex and dynamic.

Cover photo: Ukrainian artillery near Kharkiv on September 26, 2023. Roman Chop/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

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