Russian, planes, fans

Russian, planes, fans

The Hungarian national football team will host Northern Ireland on Tuesday evening (TV: M4 Sport, 20.45) in another friendly match.

Marco Rossi was upset about the preparatory meeting of Hungary and Serbia (0-1). “The videographer made a huge mistake,” he said, while everyone knows that the VAR technique saved the Hungarian team from a penalty, although it could have (or should have been) imposed for two reasons in one action. My longtime friend István B. Hajd couldn’t explain in the M4 Sport live stream why the match was going on, and he pretty much ended the story by saying that if they saw it that way, they’d see it…

Rossi also said: “I may not have much cottage cheese for my work, but I think we can be happy to be able to take on a team like this. We must never forget which squad is the opponent; if anyone thinks we will beat England or Italy in June, there’s something wrong with that.”

The tension stems from these words, not knowing why, if not, because in fact it was bad football for the national team. According to Nemzeti Sport readers who are still ready to tackle Hungarian football today, thirteen of their compatriots did not average 6, 7 even 5. “We felt that the Serbian national team was playing at half strength,” the same newspaper stated in its report.

Others felt the same way. It was a very particular absurdity of bizarre Hungarian football that the announcer asked the army of bored children in the stands not to throw kites into the field. Apparently these guys were taken to the Puskás Arena to get their experience – I hope they’re not just cotton wool – but the teenage guests didn’t resonate, even trying to stand up to the tough times. Honest dissonance could be the motto of Hungarian football in the 21st century, which is very strange and very special.

Now let me play with the idea that when I was a kid I was invited to the People’s Stadium for the national team match. Suppose, Hungarian-French from 1966, it was also a friendly meeting. Geniuses like Kálmán Mészöly, Zoltán Varga, Albert Flórián and János Farkas are adept on the track. Can you imagine flying bored? I’d rather shout with joy to see the 4-2 win and four goals from Wolff. Knepsport was not impressed by the trick: “Wolf did not take his share of fieldwork this time,” the singles referee of the match champion began. Today, those who play a completely different sport in football, which was played according to the amazing standard of “Jancsika”, who was born eighty years ago, are brought up regularly.

Quality doesn’t matter so much that the idea of ​​a double runner popped up again. It’s a tricky question, because in reality not a single competitor can be held with the struggling participants in the field of Felcsút, Gyirmót, Kisvárda, Mezőkövesd and Paks with the first-class district group and their limitations. I note that in the 60s there were only six double derbies where all the big four – FTC, Honvéd, Újpest and Vasas – met in the people’s court, so why did they shoot gunpowder, for example – FTC-Pécs, MTK – is there 75,000 in the program Dual in Újpest? Of course, the weakest member of that quartet, Dosa Peaks, was also filled with better footballers. It is even absurd to see how many of those had entered from Felixo, Germain, and from the hopeless imitation of the former great forces of the capital.

It’s just cake on the cake that in this medium, Vasas will be among the cast from NB II, provided he wakes up. If it has not been published and the last MTK is excluded from the current group, there are no four participants of NB I from Budapest, a loan must be requested from a village or small town. But if the quartet comes together, only a comic or, at best, a parody is expected. Not to mention that the average number of spectators in the so-called first division this season is 2,599. Kicked to 16,129 in 1976 and 10,108 in 1976.

In any case, let’s look at the dull replica as a Russian show or as a person, called Rókay Filip, who alone in the world considers his unassuming person a genius, “distributing” Ukrainian President Zelensky. Things come together. Then comes the empty Rókayk to the place where the lawn was once consecrated by Bozsik, Csordás, Hidegkuti, Szusza, Fenyvesi, Tichy, Bundzsák, Sndor, Göröcs, Mátrai, Kocsis Lajos, Várady, Szuromi, Töy.

This ferry will be in the Philippines.

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