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Russian influence will be investigated by the Polish Parliament, according to the opposition, which is quite another matter

Russian influence will be investigated by the Polish Parliament, according to the opposition, which is quite another matter

the Andrey Duda According to the law signed by the president in early August, the committee Measures will be analyzed in Poland between 2007 and 2022.

Candidates for commission members were nominated only by the government faction, and opposition parties tied the creation of the council to the Polish parliamentary elections in October and refused to delegate members.

Most opposition rallies He didn’t even participate In Wednesday’s parliamentary vote the members of the commission, with the exception of the Confederation, an alliance of small nationalist and neoliberal parties, voted against all nine candidates.

In addition to members of the government faction, the right-wing opposition bloc and the Cookies 15 party, as well as some independent representatives, also voted yes.

According to the civil opposition, the law is in fact Donald Tusk It is directed against the head of the largest opposition party, the Civic Platform (PO), who was Poland’s prime minister between 2007 and 2014.

The country is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections on October 15, during which the electoral coalition called the Civic Coalition, led by Tusk, may put pressure on the main government party, Law and Justice. The PiS party regularly criticizes Tusk for striking gas deals favorable to Moscow during his premiership.

This is due to the plan to form the European Commission at the beginning of next June Infringement proceedings have begun against Poland. However, this refers to the previous version of the legislation establishing the investigation committee, which entered into force at the end of last May. On the initiative of the Polish Head of State, an amendment limiting the power of the Council has since been adopted.

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Based on its investigation, the committee can initiate the suspension of decisions taken under Russian influence. In the case of the persons involved, the Board can determine that they acted under Russian influence, and for that matter

They lack the necessary safeguards to properly perform public interest activities.

The committee’s decision can be appealed to the court.

Peter Mueller A Polish government spokesman told Polsat News on Wednesday that it will take several more weeks for the members of the investigation committee to be appointed.

It is not one of the current main objectives for the commission to start its work before the parliamentary elections

Mueller stated.

Cover photo: Donald Tusk at an opposition rally in Warsaw. Omar Marquis/Getty Images

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