Russian businessman offered $1 million reward for arresting Putin

Russian businessman offered $1 million reward for arresting Putin

Russian businessman offers $1 million reward for arresting Russian President Vladimir Putin The Jerusalem Post writes. Alex Konanihin published a post on this topic on the social networking front LinkedIn.

“Putin is not the president of Russia because he came to power as a result of a special operation during which residential homes in Russia were blown up and then he violated the constitution by ending free elections and killing opponents,” he wrote. to Konan.

“As a citizen of Russia and a citizen of Russia, I consider it my moral duty to promote the “Naziism” of Russia. I will continue to help Ukraine in its heroic efforts to resist the hordes of Putin.”

Konanyhin attached a photo of Putin to his post with the caption “Criminal in the circle. Dead or alive. Vladimir Putin on massacre”

Who is Alex Conan?

Konanyhin, 55, who holds Russian, Italian and Argentine citizenship, had an empire of more than 100 companies at the age of 25 after starting banking, stocks and real estate, according to a Washington Post article.

The contractor’s business was worth about $300 million by 1992, and that year he was also a member of the delegation of Russian President-elect Boris Yeltsin to Washington. Soon he lived in the United States. In 1996, he and his wife were arrested on charges of violating the terms of a US visa, and this was preceded by allegations by the Russian authorities that Konanehn embezzled $8 million from the Russian Exchange Bank, of which he was a founder and co-owner.

Big misfortune – with a detour in Hungary

The chaotic affair lasted for weeks. A former KGB agent testified that he had serious doubts about the allegations against the businessman, and that Konaneh himself had been pressured and threatened by his business partners, for whom he fled to Hungary, then to the Czech Republic and then to New York.

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Konaneh complained about threats from Russian officials and even Yeltsin himself. Authorities stopped investigating the threats after a while and focused more on the $8 million because they said Konanyhin had been illegally transferred from the Russian exchange bank to his personal accounts abroad.

confused agreement

In the end, an agreement was reached and Konaneh was granted political asylum, which was rescinded a few years later and deported from the United States. The decision to deport was later rescinded, and in 2007 he was granted asylum again.

Four years later, in 2011, he founded TransparentBusiness, which helps companies manage remote workforces. Konanihin also takes part in the TV series Unicorn Hunters, and is a member of a group of investors called “The Circle” where entrepreneurs offer their businesses for investment.

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