Russia suspends cooperation in space with other countries

Russia suspends cooperation in space with other countries

The Russian Space Agency has announced that it will no longer cooperate with global partners in scientific research aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in response to sanctions imposed over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Roscosmos had stated in a tweet that it would not cooperate with Germany in joint experiments on the Russian part of the International Space Station, saying that Now you want to do it yourself.

The International Space Station currently has a crew of Russian, American and German personnel, yet the ongoing conflict has caused a serious rift between Russia and the West. NASA initially hoped to maintain its cooperation with Roscosmos, and remained optimistic that operations aboard the space station could continue as normal.

Under the current agreement, the ISS could remain in operation until 2024, although NASA recently announced that it would extend the project until 2030. However, any continuation would require the support of all parties, and Russia’s withdrawal from cooperation could frustrate This plan.

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