Russia has said it plans to do so with Ukraine

Russia has said it plans to do so with Ukraine

Peskov reiterated that, contrary to US and Ukrainian allegations that Russia was preparing to attack Ukraine, Moscow said that Kiev was preparing to take aggressive measures against the “republics” of the Donetsk Basin.

At various levels, we have repeatedly said that Russia has no intention of attacking anyone and has no aggressive plans. It is completely wrong to say the opposite, it is completely wrong to link any movement of the Russian armed forces on our territory to such plans. It’s not like that

Peskov said.

The spokesman expressed Russia’s concern about “provocative steps” by the Ukrainian armed forces along the demarcation line in southern Ukraine, and the fact that he said Kiev was preparing for a possible violent solution to the Donetsk Basin.

According to Bischoff, the tensions along the demarcation line would cause the United States and other NATO countries to send military advisers to Ukraine, which was not provoked in any way by the renegade “republics”.

In response to a question about how Kiev can obtain guarantees for its security from Moscow, the spokesman said that the best guarantee is the implementation of the Minsk agreements reached to resolve the crisis. He believed that the increase in tensions in Europe was precisely the reason why Ukraine did not fulfill its obligations under the agreements.

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