George Russell

Russell would have loved it if Williams was up front again

There will always be room for Williams, says George Russell. Although he has now left them, he hopes that one day they will be worthy of their past.

George Russell managed to take his first steps as a Williams racer in Formula One. After 59 races (and a podium at the moment) In 2022 he will be a Mercedes driver. On the other hand, he doesn’t forget the beginnings and wants the best for Williams.

“I leave Williams with great pride in my heart” – Russell emotionally put it to the issue. “I’ve been able to score points here a few times and could have stood on the podium. Those memories will last forever. This includes the struggle he had. We’ve tested both sides of the coin, with a few exceptional races in it. I remember the first period when I was circled three times In my car three seconds slower. In comparison, we’ve been on the podium for two and a half years. And that’s huge.”

Williams says there will be no problem with Williams even after he leaves. “Every team member is working to get back on top. However, in that regard, they can get things done realistically. They know it might have been a matter of years. Changes of this magnitude cannot be made in a year or two. I see promising things. I like nothing more. than seeing them in battle again at the front.”

George Russell had already completed a race to replace coronavirus-stricken Lewis Hamilton as Mercedes’ driver, finishing ninth in the second race in Bahrain.

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