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Russell was disappointed that he missed a special opportunity - F1VILÁG.HU

Russell was disappointed that he missed a special opportunity – F1VILÁG.HU

The British driver made a mistake at the end of the second quarter, at his worst: He lost control of his car, so in the end he didn’t make a mistake again, at Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix, so You can only start from position 13.

Russell was betrayed, feeling confident he could have entered the third quarter, But he exaggerated himselfWhich disappointed me greatly.

“It’s very frustrating because that round could have been good enough to get me into fifth, and I could have been 6-7 tenths better than the third quarter level,” the disappointed Briton said.

“I crossed my limits and crossed them twice today, so I made two mistakes. I am very disappointed in myself now that we need such conditions to create opportunities. Today was an opportunity and I didn’t deal with it.”

Russell betrayed him so much It was difficult for the contestants to evaluate conditions on the ring.

“All the riders were in the same position and that’s when I proudly try to stand out from the field. Today was an opportunity for us and we were doing our part to produce another special Saturday.”

“Our pace on Friday was not good, we were too slow, but today we lit the rockets in tough conditions. However, here we are, thirteenth is where we are – instead of being in the top 10.”

“If one starts in the top ten, and makes a good start, you can easily find yourself in the top eight or above 7. With a good first lap, I could be in the top ten at most tomorrow, and looking at the raw car pace, that’s not enough. “.

“There’s a long race ahead, I don’t know if anyone knows what the best strategy is, so it’s going to be interesting.”

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