Russell nem érti, miért ilyen jó az időmérős tempója „a kilencedik leggyorsabb autóval”

Russell doesn’t understand why he’s so quick to set the time “with the ninth fastest car”

Russell insists that based on the team’s data on paper, the FW43B is only faster than the Haas, except for trial time, when the British rider will be able to steer it consistently to Q2 and Q3.

He completed the best test of his young talent so far at Silverstone, where he finished eighth on Friday on his own. Then he lost one place on Saturday and finished ninth, then took a three place penalty, starting at 12 on Sunday and finishing the race there as well.

He had a hard time keeping up with the pace of others in the race, which Russell says proves that they struggle to replicate their one-round masterpiece when it comes to the longer stages. “We stabbed the first start, but we actually took the second well. It is a pity that we weren’t able to solve these in reverse,” he said.

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“At the same time, I don’t think we deserve it if we finish before where we ended up. I don’t know how we can qualify so much up front. On paper, we still have the ninth fastest car in every race except the timer.”

“Then somehow I suddenly managed to get into the top 10 or 12. So we have a hard time on Sunday when eight or more cars start behind you. I think they were three to five tenths better than us. And with that speed advantage, it’s easy.”

“Plus, they treat the tires better than us. So the race has always been about looking in the rearview mirrors and trying to brake.” However, Russell acknowledged that he should be pleased with his recent accomplishments.

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“I always get a little disappointed after the race. However, in the last four races, we were in the top 12 except when I pulled out, we fought for points, so maybe we would have signed this before the races.”

“I think 12th place is a fair end result. We wouldn’t have deserved it if we got to the finish line earlier. Somehow it’s always the case on Sundays that we go backwards, but I don’t think it’s because we’re going to do poorly. It’s More because we are excellent at using the timer.”

On the other hand, the British denied that they would put extra effort into qualifications at the expense of the long stages. He feels he can simply get everything out of the car in one lap while making a few mistakes. “We don’t use the timer, quite the opposite. So I don’t know if we are improving or if others are making mistakes.”

“It’s different in the race, there you find the rhythm in a few laps, and then you start from there. We have to do everything perfectly, every operation, the tires have to be put in the right window, and that’s when I’m confident,” Russell said of his reasons for setting the time. So I think we do a better job than others.

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