Russell Crowe built a film studio in Australia

The Oscar-winning actor has been thinking for years about how to relate where he lives to his work.

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Russell Crowe announced plans for a film studio planned for the east coast of Australia on Wednesday.

The Oscar-winning actor said the studio will be built in Coffs Harbor, south of Brisbane.

“I’ve been thinking for years about how the connection between my place of residence and my work,” the actor was quoted as saying by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

According to a statement about the project, Pacific Bay Resort Studios and Village “will handle large-scale international films and local productions.”

Australia has become a popular filming location during the coronavirus pandemic due to the relatively low infection rate. The local government has also attracted millions of dollars in subsidies to bring production to Australia’s sunny coasts.

Marvel Studios Thor: Love and Thunder, as well as Blacklight starring MGM studio Thirteen Lives and Liam Neeson, are also among those enjoying these discounts.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney will be shooting the comedy Ticket to Paradise in northern Australia this year, as well as their first movie, Mad Max: The Way of Anger, Furiosa in Sydney in 2022.

Although plans are still pending approval, the Crowe studio project is backed by support from local government officials.

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