The Rules Of Agreed Upon Casual Sex

ca·su·al sex




sexual activity between people who are not established sexual partners or do not know each other well.


Casual sex is simply meat to be just that, casual. It’s to be taken serious because you’re clearly having sex, but that person is not your girlfriend/boyfriend and you have no rights to that person until it comes to sex.


Literally, “that’s just something to do when its nothing to do,” once said Drake.


image20160520011422Rule number one.

  1. Refrain from catching feelings. We are all emotional creatures, but catching feelings is the worst. It never pans out the way you want it to. We are all human and we are expected to feel, but at least have consideration for your partner and tell them. That way they will at least know and a decision to continue or not will be made together and they can’t say they didn’t know.
A shot of a beautiful black businesswoman texting
A shot of a beautiful black businesswoman texting

Rule number two.

  1. Avoid sending text such as: “good morning,” “good night” and “just thinking about you.” That’s where all the confusion starts. Keep the conversations to a minimum. If you are hitting me up for sex my favorite color doesn’t matter. Ask me if I’m coming through and leave it at that.


1024x1024Rule number three.

  1. Don’t question the other person about the opposite sex. If you see your casual sex buddy on a date with another person or just out with the opposite sex you cannot get mad. Your casual sex buddy is not your girlfriend/boyfriend and is free to date whomever. This is not cheating because you two are not a couple.


Rule number four.

  1. Use protection! No matter how many times you ask the other person are they having sex with other people they will still lie, so protect yourself first. I mean not only are you protecting yourself from STD’s, but pregnancy as well. Getting pregnant by your casual sex buddy I’m sure is no fun.


top_6_questions_to_ask_before_having_casual_sexRule number five.

  1. Stay in the bedroom. There is no need for you two to be out on “dates.” Remember you guys are casually having sex, so no going to the movies or to grab a quick bite to eat like you’re a couple. Keep it casual.


If you feel like you can follow these rules, then go out there and find a casual sex buddy. No shame in your game. Everyone has needs and if you are not looking to date now then a casual sex buddy is right up your alley. Just always remember that if it becomes too much for either party you can put it to an end.

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  • Derek Martinez Reply

    November 28, 2016 at 8:50 PM

    Great rules for casual sex, I can’t agree with you any more about the #4. Casual dating is an interesting thing, but we have to keep ourselves from STD.

  • Kelly Bester Reply

    March 26, 2018 at 11:30 AM

    I agree with you too, casual dating can be great but we can never be too carerfull! I would also use a site that lists apps and easier ways to meet people like, they explain how to use them, saving time in looking and figuring stuff out. 🙂

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