Rossi's harsh words in Wales, "If I must, I will leave today" also spoke of serious shortcomings

Rossi’s harsh words in Wales, “If I must, I will leave today” also spoke of serious shortcomings

Marco Rossi Unfortunately and disappointment, he was judged in the 2-0 qualifying match against Wales, in which he decided that the Hungarian national team would not be able to reach the continent of 2020 with a straight foot.

The situation was right, we tried to fight from the start of the match until the end. We were much better in the first half, Welles got a chance, and they scored a goal as well. Then we had a clear goal position, which we had to score, if we want to fulfill our dreams in Eb, we have to shoot such chicks, we need to score goals. The second goal also came from a situation shortly after the break that we could have solved better. We’ve done a lot of wrongdoing around the age of 16. And we knew they were going to use that ability, and we were ready with Moore too, but we didn’t catch up well enough, and we made a lot of mistakes. Many players underperformed. But the opponent’s quality was also very important, suffice it to just mention Ramsay, who we knew was a player, but we couldn’t do anything about it. Wells deservedly won, congratulations to them, but we also had to win The Italian specialist said for the M4 Sport.

Rossi also got the question, why had foreign matches not really been the qualifiers?

In their last two away matches, they missed the full midfield first and then the full defense. A situation like this is always a serious problem, even for a team stronger than us, especially with us. We also had serious misfortune in this regard. However, there are limits to our abilities as well, and this was especially shown in outdoor matches, and we cannot go beyond that. It is also a psychological problem that we will be working on, but it is not an easy solution.

As for the League of Nations qualifiers and hopes for the European Spring Championship, the captain put it this way:

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I don’t like to lose, but even if we get out, I want to be defeated differently if I get what I mean. This moment is not easy, as I told the players. They did everything, but that wasn’t enough.

Every person in Hungary should realize that there are deficiencies in our capabilities, and we must state this very clearly.

I have a responsibility too, we’ve lost a lot of matches so I’ll leave if I have to. Not tomorrow, but even tonight, for me, that’s no problem. But I also want to solve problems if possible

Coach added.

European Championship Qualifiers, Group E:

Wales-Hungary 2-0 (Ramsey 15, 48) – All the highlights of the match are here!

Slovakia-Azerbaijan 2-0 (Boznik 19, Hamsik 86)

Group final score: 1. Croatia 17 points (17-7) 2. Wales 14 (10-6) 3. Slovakia 13 (13-11) 4. Hungary 12 (8-11) 5. Azerbaijan 1 ( 5-18)

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