Ross and Rachel, according to Netflix, are no longer on vacation, they’ve been on vacation

But we were parting!

It is well known that the above sentence was uttered in Good Friends even to anyone who is not a fan of the series. One of the frequent jokes on the sitcom is the “we were on a break” sentence from Ross, who said there was no cheating because he slept with another woman after Rachel told her it was over, thinking, according to an earlier translation, that they were “in a state of breakup.”

On the other hand, Netflix has thrown a new Hungarian subtitle to the series, turning Ross and Rachel’s break, or more accurately, into a vacation. Ladder One of his readers noticed.

Ross and Rachel discuss in one of their last common senses that they won’t spoil their relationship from now on and will do their best best, then Ross pushes the huge joke, “Unless we’re on a break”, which means “unless we break up” which I managed to translate:

Unless we’re on vacation.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

At the same time, they were also able to correct some famous misconceptions, such as the recurring concept Pathetic: Also regularly synchronized Pathetictranslate as Pathetic The term, which is already in the new caption Patheticlisted on it. Finally, Chandler didn’t get the “Vice Cameraman position” as a dream uploader either, Netflix’s new caption says “junior copywriter” finally means “creative copywriter.”

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