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Rosberg wins the second race from Extreme E in Dakar!

in KSA For the first race Likewise, Rosberg won the Extreme E Final, but the path to that looked completely different.

semi final

In the first semi-final, he decided to use HyperDrive who would make it to the first corner after the long straight run. Abt Cupra-X44-Rosberg was the arrangement, but Kristoffersson (Rosberg) undermined Loeb (X44) so ​​he could overtake with an alternate arc like Saudi Arabia.

For the rest of the lap, the difference between the three cars was constantly changing, and they were able to follow each other closely. However, no one was able to get past the wider parts, so it was left until replacement.

However, Jutta Kleinschmidt (Abt Cupra) couldn’t start as fast as his rivals, so he dropped to third. The backup pilot of Extreme E Shabbat It was no coincidence that he managed to catch up with his X44, but he did not have time to overtake it.

Kevin Hansen (JBXE) got the best start to the next race, and Oliver Bennett (Xite Energy) tries to overtake Jamie Chadwick (Veloce) after the start.

Chadwick got his first start after being unable to start in Saudi Arabia due to a technical error. He made several mistakes on his bosom, as well as a technical error hindered him. Bennett managed to overtake him just before the switch, while Hansen built on over 20 seconds.

After the exchange, JBXE kept its edge and trapped Sarrazin (Veloce) Gianpaoli Zonca (Xite Energy) car. Using a slightly different path, he managed to take second place, however, after two gates he slowed further in one of the turns.

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The two cars collided several times, capsized to the finish line, and Sarrazin consumed his HyperDrive, thus deciding the fate of second place to advance.

Final and divisible

The placeholder is Height With Kyle Leduc on board, Janase’s team defeated Double Sainz and Andretti. In addition to the fastest time in the Super Sector, the Leduc also went with two cars in one lap, which showed that it could overtake in several places on the track, even outside the finish line.

At the start of the final, two doubles fights ensued, with the first being won at the Battle of Rosberg-Hamilton, while the X44 was halted after the first turn due to a collision.

The Jenson Button unit did not advance much further, they were fighting the Veloce behind the flagship duo, but with a broken rear wheel they were rolling further than the Hamiltonians.

Stéphane Sarrazin (Veloce) chased Molly Taylor (Rosberg) and there was no overtaking on the first lap. However, as the exchange approached, the Scot Elkins racing director interrupted the race with a red flag due to the cars being stalled on the track.

Christofferson and Chadwick started the second round with a steady start. The world rallycross champion pushed his opponent a little further from the perfect arc and made his way offshore for the first time. However, the matter was determined, and Chadwick finally finished 14 seconds late.

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