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Ronnie O’Sullivan couldn’t stand the crowd and was eliminated at the English Open

Ronnie O’Sullivan couldn’t stand the crowd and was eliminated at the English Open

The seven-time world champion previously stated that he does not like this type of tournament, as the match takes place on many tables. According to him, it is not possible to concentrate properly, and on Thursday night he did not really succeed.

Despite this, he started the match well Zhang Anda against. He stole the first frame with 80 runs to go. The Chinese also tied at 80, and then the world number one tied, taking a 2-1 lead. The problems started in the fourth frame.

The match ended at one of the nearby tables, and the spectators stood up, got out and moved around. This confused him terribly O’SullivanHis concentration had completely collapsed. Since then, he has been taking all his shots and missing balls like a bad amateur who plays snooker once every six months with a beer. It was terrible to watch. Especially after he showed a good game and his ability to fight not long ago in the match.

He ended up feeling so frustrated that he hid his skin.

There are two ways to deal with what happened. On the one hand, these onlookers were affected by how hysterical he was, but it did not bother them. Zhang, for example, excels, he has pushed three times over 80 breaks. But at the same time, the big question is how and when anyone who goes to watch a game of snooker can think about the absurdity Ronnie O’Sullivan He plays? It’s really incomprehensible.

Basically, O’Sullivan’s week isn’t completely ineffective. On the one hand, because he showed against Jackson Paige that he can still play amazingly well. On the other hand, because he retained his world lead this week as well. Because he is with him Luca Brecel He also said goodbye to those who had a realistic chance of passing “just”. Ding Junhui He had to beat him, and then he had to have another match.

Bresil could not stand Deng. Nor had it happened once in their previous seven matches. The Chinese also defeated him last week, thus preventing the Belgian from becoming world number one, and it happened again this time. Thus, Ding reached the quarter-finals, where he was the absolute surprise man in the tournament. Liu Hongyu It will be his opponent. Who is a 19 year old rookie from China and who beat him Sean Murphy, Joe O’Connor And Chris Wakelin after Mark Williams also. Ooops! In the third professional tournament of Liu’s career, he can already play in the quarterfinals, which is a very exciting result.

And Chang With Zhou Yuelong Hit from Ali Carter Tell him goodbye. So four Chinese players made it to the top eight, and since all four are in the lower division, it is obvious that one of the semi-finalists will be purely Chinese, and it is also certain that there will be a Chinese player in the lower division. last.

Two additional categories remained in the upper section: John Huggins And Judd Trump. The big Scottish cannon is going convincingly, even though he hasn’t had a really strong opponent yet. Martin O’Donnell He continues to face the team preparing for the sixth quarter-final in his career. It’s been a long time since the 2018 UK Championship and he hasn’t played a quarter-final in a regular tournament.

Trump’s opponent Matthew Silt It will be on Wednesday Mark AllenThursday Ricky Walden Defeat him. He’s not an ordinary top-eight player either, the last time he made it this far was in March 2022, in fact, and then he went all the way to the final. This happened at the Turkish Masters, where Trump stopped Selt in the final with a 10-4 win.

The England national team will begin the quarter-final campaign on Friday at one o’clock in the afternoon, followed by the match with Higgins. From eight in the evening, the two China matches will be held simultaneously.
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