Romania has changed again: it opposes the veto attached to EU membership

Romanians favor the fact that decisions on foreign policy and security policy issues can be taken by a qualified majority rather than unanimously.

On Monday, the foreign ministers of ten European Union member states will hold a special meeting in Brussels to promote the German proposal on matters of foreign policy and security policy.

Decisions are made by qualified majority rather than unanimity.

In addition to Germany, the initiative is supported by Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Italy, as well as Romania.

the You masturbate According to the government, the government changed its previous position without giving any information as to why it had joined the effort to devalue a member state’s vote. He quotes from a December 2022 interview with Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu, in which he said: Previously, we supported decisions unanimously, because we believed that it was important for small countries to be able to take advantage of this opportunity in the event that a decision was taken that harmed their interests.. In addition, former Prime Minister Victor Ponta was quoted as saying that President Klaus Iohannis forced the move in order to secure an important international position for himself after his resignation next year.

A Polish newspaper almost buries the veto in the European Union

The opening image is illustrative. Photo: MTI/EPA/Robert Ghement

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