Romania builds small nuclear power plants -

Romania builds small nuclear power plants –

According to the statement, it was stated at the meeting that the parties will take further steps to expand cooperation in the nuclear energy field between the United States and Romania, so that Romania will install small-scale nuclear reactors with the support of the United States. Romania would like to participate in the production of technology and the training of professionals who can ensure the introduction of this new technology in other countries in the region. Iohannis stressed that cooperation on climate change will strengthen the Romanian-US strategic partnership.

Also on Tuesday, Romanian Energy Minister Virgil Popescu said he would travel to Glasgow on Thursday to finalize an agreement with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to install modular nuclear reactors. Romania signed a reminder in 2019 with the US company NuScale Power, which makes this new technology, and then in January of this year, Bucharest received a $1.27 million grant to identify potential installation sites for modular nuclear reactors. The investment will ensure the creation of 6,000 new American and Romanian jobs, and the number could be increased to 30,000 during development.

NuScale delivers carbon-neutral energy and offers a solution at a cost far below the financial outlay required to build gigawatt nuclear power plants. There are no such nuclear reactors in operation anywhere yet.

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