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Roland Varga’s goal was just enough to equalise

Roland Varga’s goal was just enough to equalise

In the third qualifying round of the European Conference League, OSK Sepsi finished 1-1 at home with Aktobe.

Photo: Attila Joseph Reti

european conference league, Eligible
Third round, first match

Sepsi OSK (Romania) – Aktobe (Kazakhstan) 1–1 (0–0)
György Sepsiszent,
Sepsi OSK Square, 8170 view. Led by: Kastrati (Kosovo)
Niczuly – Ciobotariu, Balasa, Ninaj, Dumitrescu – Jonathan Rodríguez (Aganovic, 66), Paun (M. Rondón, 74) – Stefanescu, Alimi, Matei (I. Gheorghe, 80) – Safranko (Varga R., 80).) . Coach: Liviu Ciobotariu
Aktobe: Bokatilov – Kashim, Yasin, Sumko – China (Ghadrani, 88.Ö, Strumia, Reyshkovic, Tanzarikov – Bagtana, Eldir Santana (A. Filipovic, 88), Samurudov (Beyszmirti, 75). Coach: Andrei Karpovich
scorer: Varga R. (89), or Elder Santana (65)

With a Roland Varga goal in the penultimate minute, Sepsi OSK won the tie against Aktobe in the third qualifying round of the Conference League, leaving the rematch next week in Kazakhstan to decide whether or not to advance.

In the afternoon, Sepsi fans gathered more slowly than usual because of the rain all over Székelyföld, hours before the game, only those eternal optimists turned up around the stadium who were confident that despite the full house announcement on Wednesday, still there. Tickets are for sale. In the end, they were right, because in the absence of Kazakh spectators, UEFA allowed the team from Sicklevold to open the guest area in front of their fans.

Draw dreams! – Székely Légió announced at the start, but the battle between two realistic teams avoiding mistakes and risks took place in the first half. Sepsi coach Liviu Ceubutario first started with three midfielders who excel in defence, and Aktobe, despite having more control at the start of the game, promptly closed in their own half in disciplined fashion after losing. .

In the first half with only four shots, Marius Stefanescu’s free kick had the biggest chance, but Kazakh goalkeeper Pokatilov bounced the ball up the right. On the other side, Roland Niczoli threw himself to defend Maksim Zamorodov’s flat pass, and Sepsey, who was more active after the first quarter of an hour, threatened Mihai Balassa with a header that went wide. In the sport-like clean fight for a long time, as the break approached, tactical errors that stopped the counters also emerged, especially on the part of Szentgyörgyi.

The second half continued at the same good pace, but mainly with football running between the penalty boxes. Cosmin Matei was saved by the Kazakh defenders, Stefanescu’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper, and then Nikzuli parried it with a remarkable feat. Elder Santana He sent his shot to the short top. However, in the next corner, Sepsey’s defenders fell asleep, and the Brazilian striker made no mistake from close range with a header.

Liviu Ciobutario responded with two quick substitutions, but the chance to equalize came to Pavol Safranco, the central defender of Szentgiorgi, who sent a symbolic header into the bottom right corner that was saved by Pokatilov. Aktobe did not regain the advantage, and Alibek threatened with a shot that flew over Kasim, but in the last ten minutes he called everything for the strikers of Essebsi off the bench, and so on Varga Roland He is also an alternate coach. The Hungarian striker made the first shot at the goalkeeper from the penalty spot, but the second time luck was on his side: his ball ricocheted from the penalty area from one of the defenders and ended up in the lower right corner.

In the end, a small scuffle broke out over every ball, because Aktobe was not in the mood for football, and its players were clearly very satisfied with the equalizer. Essebsi’s camp also didn’t mind the jurisdiction, “They were nice guys!” And Sekele’s national anthem was the same for the team after the team whistle as it was after the victory.

minute by minute

90 + 7. The match exceeded a minute!

90 + 5. One minute another push to finish. Mario Rondon, Milos Raicovic and Andrea Filipovic He also gets a yellow card.

Six minutes to appear.

The 90th minute Jadrani pushes Dumitrescu inside the 16th…on!

89. Minute Sipsey’s goal, Roland Varga! From the 16th, Balal was headed in front of him by a defender, which bounced down the right of Gradnani, who jumped in front of him and just entered. 1-1!

88th minute Double exchange of guests, slowly…

85 minutes Varga! Aganovic kicks a pass from the right into the goal with his right, but the goalkeeper moves to the left and catches the ball.

The 80th minute, Roland Varga and Ion Giorgi In, Matty and Safranco down.

79th minute El Alimi hits the bottom immediately after possession and three great tricks from just a little to the right, from 16 metres.

75th minute Samorodov down, Dmitry Bsmertny in.

The 74th minute, Mario Rondo In, Baun falls down as a striker instead of a midfielder.

The official number of viewers: 8170.

Minute 71, Aganović! Baun pushes a pass from the middle to the goalkeeper on the right. Safranco passes the ball from the left to the goalkeeper.

70th minute Dumitrescu’s pass from the left is headed by Safranko, diving into the goal, the Kazakh goalkeeper saves it in front of the bottom right, diving!

Photo: Attila Joseph Reti

The 66th minute, Adnan Aganović Rodriguez replaces the conductor in place of the filter.

65. In the beginning, after a corner kick by Samurudov from the right, Eldir Santana heads to the middle of the goal from two meters, half a height from the middle, between four (4) local players. The Romanian TV expert points out that the main reason behind this is the error of Nenag and Balasa. 0-1!

Minute 64 That’s right, From the right corner of the five, Santana was shooting with his right to the left, the short top corner, but Nicholi threw himself to the left and made a block.

The 62nd minute, Al-Alimi, from the 21st, hit over the crossbar with a shot from the left corner from the 16th.

The sixtieth minute, Imran Kansouf In, Bagtana down, midfielder substitution.

Minute 54 Kasim bumps into Matei, who shoots and shoots towards the goal, into the left corner of the five, who waited too long for the shot after Stefanescu’s excellent pass. Baun could have kicked the ball in after the corner, but they got in the way again. Stefanescu is already shooting on goal with his left, a little left, from seven, but Pokatilov catches the ball by throwing it to the left!

The 50th minute with a field battle.

46. ​​A minute we continue!

Surprisingly, the hosts had only 49 percent of the ball, and they shot twice on goal, once on the surface of the goal, and on the other hand this ratio was 1/1.

Photo: Attila Joseph Reti

45 + 3. The first half is more than a minute!

45 + 2. Jonathan Rodriguez minutes Now he had already received a yellow card, pushing Baganta on the left wing in the center.

Two minutes into the show.

45th minute An unexpected situation after a corner kick on the left, but Safranco misses the ball in the five!

44th minute Durability here and there, Santana needs nurturing.

Minute 37 Jonathan Rodriguez pushed Santana to the left wing, but he was not shown a yellow card. Pure South America!

Minute 32 Matty’s corner from the right is headed by Ninnaj a little over six meters into the right corner!

Minute 28 Nikzoli catches Samorodov’s right-footed shot 20 meters in front of the bottom right.

Minute 26 Sepsis is very difficult, but the so-called Kazakhs always get there in the last lanes.

20 minutes Stefanescu drops back in front of Rodríguez who shoots from the right corner 22nd into a defender. Stefanescu’s left corner from the right is headed by Safranco, but no home side is in the top five.

Minute 17 Beautiful multi-pass attack, Stefanescu is on the five next to Kaszim, but is offside. Mate started it with a corner kick from 16, a grandiose move.

15 minutes Stefanescu is very active on the right wing, and Samorodov runs back and kicks him. The injured player almost took a penalty kick, from the right 21 he was rolling the ball to the right, i.e. the long top, but the Kazakh goalkeeper saves wonderfully!.

14th minute whoops. Safranco misses Bowen’s bow in the middle.

Thirteenth minute Niczoli comes out in front of Santana at five to pass Pagatana on the right, catching the ball. Then the Brazilian goes to take a free kick. The 30-year-old Brazilian wedge has 12 Canadian points in 23 games this season, and he also played for Botafogo and Atletico Mineiro that year.

10 minutes Nicholi comes out well to Szamorodov’s left-footed pass, almost to the 16th.

The two teams have not met before.

The ninth minute Stefanescu pass to Safranco from the halfway point, but Kasim, running back, heads the ball in the 16th minute.

Seventh minute Pawn’s front ball from the right was headed by Stefanescu into the middle, but Jacin tackled before Safranco. The Russian legionnaires are doing very well.

good counter at the fourth minute, But Jasin, who started the attack, set Stefanescu back on the 16th.

1. Minutes the game started!

The home team wear red and white shirts and red shorts, the visitors wear net blue.

“We didn’t ask for it, but FCSB and Farul, but we agreed. We were supposed to play in Cluj on Sunday or Monday, and then immediately fly to Aktobe. Even in Monday’s meeting against Galak, the boys felt tired, as if Bullets have spilled in their legs.”

Photo: Attila Joseph Reti

According to László Diószegi, it was good that the professional league had postponed the weekend match of the Romanian clubs participating in the Conference League, such as Sepsi against CFR, as they are already on their way to the return match in Kazakhstan on Tuesday.

“Several thousand people wanted to apply for tickets, if we had a stadium with ten thousand people, it would be full too – he told Nemzeti Sport. Laszlo Diossey The club president from Szentgyörgy, who, contrary to popular opinion, does not consider his team to have a better chance. – It feels good that we are considered the best, but we go for it with a fifty percent chance of advancement. Aktobe is a good team armed with European football experience, with strong and fast players. We can be better than him tactically, it would be nice to get the two best goals in the second leg, because there will be a full house waiting for us there too. You have to tie your pants! “

Another International Cup match will take place in Sepsiszentgyörgy on Thursday night: just like last week against CSZKA Szófia, all eight thousand tickets for Aktobe’s guest appearance were bought two days before the match by Sepsi OSK fans for the third qualifying round match of the European Conference League. At most, the away sector will remain empty, since the Kazakh club did not even clarify whether its fans would arrive the day before the match.

Sepsi OSK can play in Szentgyörgy in a frantic atmosphere again, as it hosts Kazakhstan’s Aktobe on Thursday in the first match of the EKL qualifying duel.

Read more about the match here!

As it is known, Sepsi OSK beat Bulgarian CSZKA Sófia with a score of 4-0 in the second leg of the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League, thus advancing to the third round, where it will face Kazakhstan’s Aktobe. The club’s fan page posted a video about How Sekele’s national anthem was heard after the match.

Welcome, dear readers, to the broadcast of the SEPSI-AKTOBE match!

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