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Robi Szikora hasn’t kept his opinion of Andi Tóth to himself

Robi Szikora hasn’t kept his opinion of Andi Tóth to himself

Robbie Sikora And Andy Toth There is much more between them than a pre-professional relationship, between mentor and learner. Of course, you don’t have to think badly right away, after the singing legend has helped former X-Factor finder, Andi Tóth, even through tough times, Robbie tries to counsel the singer who has announced her retirement. He does this through his own experiences, which perhaps the singer can learn from. Robbie sorry about that! he told the magazine in more detail.

– I met Andika the other day, and we talked at length about her retirement.

I know how to treat him and also that it is his decision alone, no one can interfere, however I told him my opinion.

When I was the same age as him, I didn’t want to give up for a moment, because you work not only for yourself, but also for the public. – said the dreamer of the elegant style of the magazine.

He also spoke about his many years of experience with Andi (Photo: Gábor Huszár)

Andy was poisoned with comments for a long time

Legendary Szikora considers the singer to be very versatile, she believes that even evil people can make fun of the fact that Andi has given up singing.

– If you got your fans, you shouldn’t let them down. Andika is also one of those rare people of art. Everything he touches turns to gold! In addition to singing and writing songs, she dances, paints, judges, and performs on stage and in soap operas. Since I became an artist, everything he touches is a hundred times more sensitive. Even the evil comments of an ordinary person can destroy a person, although this should not be taken seriously, nor should it be read.

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It’s so sad to be such a beautiful and talented little girl like Andy They can poison you the wicked

Think Musician.

Ruby also accepted Andy’s decision (Photo: Gabor Markovic)


To everyone’s surprise, Andy announced in his video that he was quitting singing. Emphasizing that his decision is final, he recently released his LP, which is a latest album titled

I will stop singing this. I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it sure is for me.

– There are many reasons He began in his video The singer, for whom music has so far been her lifeblood, and then her work. A lot of things have happened to Andi since he ran: he had a very busy few years, one might say full of scandals, he didn’t live for music, there were also times when he had nowhere to go, not even to sleep. The more down to earth he is, the better He was trying to convince people of this business, which he invested in music, but no one was interested in. He felt bad because the music was in the background. He even considered leaving the country, but in the end he didn’t.

I didn’t know what was wrong for a long time, and it got lower and lower.

– Then I realized that what I really miss is my voice. I really miss my voice because I didn’t really use it on these songs because I didn’t have to Andy revealed in March.

Some fans think this is just another hysterical thing from the singer, but it looks like she meant it this time. Of course, you never know what the future will bring. Perhaps when his unbridled spirit calms down a bit, he will reconsider his decision…

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