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Robbie Abraham: The Terrifying Vision of Robert Alfoldi

Robbie Abraham: The Terrifying Vision of Robert Alfoldi

Robbie Abraham: The Terrifying Vision of Robert Alfoldi

The artist Robert Alfoldi—or, to avoid offending him, the master artist—with his full belly, far from the ignorant masses—who perhaps do not even deserve to know the works of the master artist he wishes to cast on marble—slept. Like a young mother in his arms, he found peace and tranquility.

Her sleep was soft and light, like the foam on a sponge cake, like the best cotton candy. He walked through Uglipotvaros, where electric cars were also used as public transportation, and rainbow-colored flags and banners were almost streaming down the walls of houses. Happy, pregnant gay couples were walking side by side down the street, their gay dogs frolicking right behind them. Upon entering his favorite bakery, the people standing in line immediately jumped out of the way, lowered themselves to the ground without asking, and begged the artist to give him their place. The cashier also knew what he was doing, so he quickly transferred the artist’s $20,000 to nearby stores so he could easily pay for his morning plate of salt. In Gazin, the blissfully oblivious jihadists packed up their shoulder-launched rockets, so many that even the Ukrainians had access to them. Giant temporary projector on the arena: Romania is the leader of the group! Then he found himself in his bed again, the doona was not sweet at all.

But suddenly there was a heavy tapping of shoes, and in the blink of an eye in the distance, their master appeared right next to his ear. Get up, buddy! He shouted and immediately grabbed the artist to wrap him in aluminum foil along with his followers. Yay! – shouted our hero, and jumped out of his bed like a storm. Was I dreaming? He asked, relaxing and wiping the saliva from the corner of his mouth.

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But who among us has not had nightmares? The only problem is that Artist sir Announce it from right to leftto. There is no other explanation for his saying to the aforementioned commercial channel: He is waiting for when they will meet and what they will wear, because this is how it always began in history – in reference to normal life. He also said:

We live in a country that includes gays, not Nazis.

Then if someone sees the artist, tell him that in Hungary they do not discourage homosexuals, but their Bibles, and in any case they would not have time to discourage them even if they wanted to, because these certain “Nazis” protect the Jews. Including an artist who was completely startled asleep.

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