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Ritvari: The visa tightening is just administrative redundancy

Ritvari: The visa tightening is just administrative redundancy

But it is not a difficulty that makes it impossible for Hungarians to travel, the Secretary of State said.

He said it was an unrealistic request from the United States of America for Hungary to publish the data of 900,000 Hungarian citizens across the border, because that would endanger their security. Pence Retvar He speaks for Radio Kossuth’s Sunday Newspaper programme, according to MTI.

The Parliamentary Minister of State at the Ministry of the Interior said: For years, the two countries have been trying to find some kind of solution to the issues raised, the latest of which was on June 10, Hungary sent a list in which it submitted new proposals. Then came the decision to tighten the US entry rules.

The politician indicated that it was an “unprecedented (…) unrealistic” request for a country to publish the data of hundreds of thousands of its citizens, because every country “protects them and surrounds them with legal guarantees,” as Hungary does the same. . In addition, he added, criminal cooperation has worked very well in recent years as well, and they are constantly discussing individual criminal law and investigative investigations. It is only natural that they respond to the Americans’ inquiries in the shortest possible time. The Secretary of State said that when they had such objections regarding the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship, that someone might not have obtained it properly, the procedure begins, and if a guilty verdict is taken, the person is stripped of their citizenship.

Pence Retvari noted: that Hungary will continue to maintain dialogue, and will work in all cases, in the event of receiving a request, that is, it will cooperate with its American ally.

The governments of Hungary and the United States are currently of opposing political colors. In many cases, belonging to a different political camp and a different world view – from the issue of gender to immigration to wars – seems to ignore the fact that the two countries are close allies to each other, regardless of their governments – as the politician saw it.

According to the Minister of State at the Ministry of the Interior, the American decision is a symbolic step and a political message, rather than a practical legal problem, because now you have to submit a digital application to facilitate entry to the United States for each trip, and you cannot apply for an unlimited number of trips for two years in advance. .

This is administrative redundancy

But it is not a difficulty that makes it impossible for Hungarians to travel, because they can still travel to the United States in a simplified way, they do not need a visa.

Pence Retvari explained: There are countries that do not allow dual citizenship, and there are political periods in which some governments specifically prohibit these people. Therefore, if Hungary publishes its data and this list falls into the hands of that country, “Hungarians should fear very serious reactions”, even in Transcarpathia.

It is also important in the long term that the Hungarian state can always guarantee the security of its citizens’ data. When you establish a Hungarian common law relationship across the border with the home country, you can be sure that you can count on the protection of not only the country in which you were born, but also the national community to which you belong. In this way, he can enjoy near-double protection in any country in the world, and poses no additional risk that he, as a Hungarian citizen, will encounter any difficulties – stated the Secretary of State.

He also said: Hungary is still a partner country, and it is also trying to act as quickly, comprehensively and correctly as possible with regard to the US investigations.

Pence Retvari believes that when liberals in America want to apply pressure or signal that they don’t like the color of government here, they do so, even with such steps. The strategic alliance between the two countries should be a priority, while “at the partisan level we say what we disagree on”, but international legal relations and public law should not be affected by the difference in political colors. (MTI)

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