Rio 2016: We finished second in Final C in the men's doubles

Rio 2016: We finished second in Final C in the men’s doubles

Pétervári-Molnár Bendeg finishedz finished 14th among the men’s singles at the Rio Olympics, after finishing second in the C final.

Good Hungarian rower’s hair took second place (Photo: AFP)

Dato’ Baban Bhukanal took the lead soon after the start and steered clear of his rivals, as he managed to maintain his advantage until the end. The Hungarian competitor came out on the field with his Argentine and Indonesian rivals. The fourth was at 500 meters and the third was at 1,000 meters. The South Korean rower also came up with his hair, but Peterfary Molnar finished third, then beat Argentine Brian Russo with his beautiful hair.

Bhukanal confidently won in 6:54.96 minutes, and Pétervári-Molnár finished second with a time of 6:57.75 minutes.

He told MTI: “I’m not happy, I wanted to win this race” Peterfary Molnar Bendigos on the beach. “Unfortunately, I did feel a little sorry for myself in the end and eventually started late. I think if I start in the morning, I have first place.”

He said of the entire race that he had a much better result in it, it could have been a scoring place still declaring a goal to achieve at home.

“Unfortunately, I was mentally tired. This year, it was all about being out of the Olympics. I’ve been focusing every day since the fall to make the qualification work. I think I came here in good physical shape, but I was a bit tired mentally.”

He thought he underestimated the rotten quarter-final a bit, as he decided he could continue with his lower leg.

“At first glance, there was no rough race in which it could only take a tithe to advance, but it seemed certain, and sadly confusing, that I wasn’t really standing in the way. I realized in hindsight,” he said.

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He added that he learned his lesson from the races, he knows what needs to be changed, but he mentioned that one positive thing was that this year he felt how faster he could be.

In the men’s final pair, the target image is identified: New Zealand What is Dresdale? He defended his title against Croatian Damir Martin who produced his voluminous hair and achieved the same time. Women’s Australian success: Olympic silver and bronze medals in London Kimberly Brennan This time he found no defeat.

American And the Brit The kayaking program was a success. After the Americans beat the women, the British and Romans reached the finish line, and the Germans took the men’s silver and women’s bronze.

In rowing with five medals (three gold and two silver), the British became the most successful. In the fourteen races – eight men and six women – the top ten nations took first place and eleven more won medals.

Rio 2016
couple for men

1. Mahé Drysdale (New Zealand) 6:41.34 min
2 – Damir Martin (Croatia) 6:41:34
3 – Ondrej Cenk (Czech Republic) 6:44.10
4. Hannes Obreno (Belgium) 6:47.42
5- Stanislav Shcherbachina (Belarus) 6:48.78
6. Angel Fournier (Kuba) 6:55.90
… 14. Pétervári-Molnár Bendegúz 6: 57.75 – in the second C final.

women couple
1. Kimberly Brennan (Australia) 7: 21.54 min
2. Jennifera Stone (US) 7: 22.92
3. Tuan Qing-li (China) 7: 24.13
4. Emma Twigg (New Zealand) 7: 24.48
5. Jeanine Camelin (Switzerland) 7: 29.69
6. Magdalena Lubbenig (Austria) 7:34.86

eight men
1. Britain 5:29.63 minutes
2. Germany 5:30.96
3. Holland 5:31.59
4. United States 5:34.23
5. Poland 5:34.62
6- New Zealand 5:36.64

eight women

1. United States 6:41.49 minutes
2. Great Britain 6: 03.98
3. Romania 6:10
4. New Zealand 6: 05.48
5. Canada 6: 06.04
6. Holland 6: 08.37

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