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Ricciardo denies that his career has failed miserably

Ricciardo denies that his career has failed miserably

According to Daniel Ricciardo, former pilot of Red Bull, Renault and McLaren, it is not at all true that an F1 racing car would have failed in past centuries.

He started from Austria in 2018, left Red Bull and Renault in 2018, and later became one of McLaren’s competitors. After leaving with the others, he was unable to see an active jersey number. He will be the third pilot with his former team, Red Bull, in the 2023 season.

Max Verstappen and his boss, Christian Horner, were chosen and Ricciardo made a huge mistake when he left Red Bull in 2018, but the Austrian rider has no regrets about continuing his career with Renault.

“I think I made the right decision. I really needed it, but surely you can say if I had stayed with Red Bull I would have had more podiums, maybe I would have won more races,” said Ricciardo, who believes. This is not true, so Red Bull will leave plyafutsa fail.

Daniel Ricciardo has no regrets about leaving Red Bull in 2018Source: NurPhoto via AFP/Alessio Morgese/NurPhoto/Alessio Morgese

“If I speak for myself, I can say that I also had success with Red Bull. Red Bull is in a frenzy today, but my 2018 season with the team has been a disaster. I don’t blame them, but I wasn’t happy then. Bye, I really needed to try something else, And given how I felt in 2018, I’m committed to that. Besides, I think it was the right course.”

“Apparently, there is nowhere to be reached from the team at the moment, so it’s best for me to get away a bit, relax, collect myself, and if there is nowhere to be reached in six months, maybe it makes sense to make a better try.” . But for now, I’d better skip the race, there’d be no chance, I’d be left with no chance of it working or not working. I think Red Bull will start three cars a year, I will be. fine with that! “- Ricciardo joked about the future.

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